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Rusti-Lee,- schweetie pie
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Rusti is 5 1/2 months old. I adore her! I've never had a kitten of my own, so I guess 47 isn't too old to learn to be kitten's mama! I adopted her on 7/28 and took her to the Vet on 8/1 where I found out she was for FeLV. I was devastated. I did a lot of research and talked to many people, some of which rescue kitties. Many suggest the use of Colostrum powder in her water and sprinkled on her food, so I'm doing that. During the first Vet visit on 8/1, she was 2.2 lbs. The most recent Vet visit on 9/25 she weighed in at a healthy 4.8 lbs! She shows no signs of illness or distress. When I take roadtrips,she goes with me- she's an absolute joy, she loves to ride in my SUV and has made friends from the window! I'm so happy to have her, she's such a happy kitten. I hope she will not show signs of illness and will have her re-tested in a few months. She will be spayed in November. She's learning "no bite", "NO", her name, etc.

Take care,
Rusti and Loriann

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Salvador- Dali

food? where? !
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I swear my cat is too smart for his own good!!! too!!! He was sniffing around the child's potty , ... I could fairly hear the gears in his head whir!! He was thinking about going in THERE tooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! yikes! My cat knows a surprising lot of words.... Ah, I know you think it is the tone of my voice, but no, actual words too... like "no... down..... cat.... Salvador..."