Who is the Cutest?

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Mumma's Sweet- Chi-Boy
Purred: Mon Jan 19, '09 2:21pm PST 
It's ME, ME, ME!! hamster dance


Is today agility- day??
Purred: Fri Jan 23, '09 5:32pm PST 
My turn!!!


I'maHap- pyBoy
Purred: Thu Feb 12, '09 1:37am PST 
Can I be the cutest today ..... well it is my 1st birthday partypartypartyparty


Little-- Miss-Madam
Purred: Thu Feb 12, '09 1:38am PST 
No Benji it's my turn don't forget I'm 1 today too big grinpartypartypartyparty


Mumma's Sweet- Chi-Boy
Purred: Sun Mar 1, '09 2:23pm PST 
dancingME, ME, ME, ME, ME..........etc.....dancing

Goldie Our- Angel

I`m cute don`t- you think I am?
Purred: Tue Mar 31, '09 5:37am PST 
Sorry guys i`m the cutie here


Im a hot doggy!
Purred: Tue May 26, '09 9:46pm PST 
Okay doggies you are all CUTE! But you have to admit I'm the SUPER CUTIE here! winkbig grinlaugh out loud

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It\'s Tough- Being A Spoiled- Puppy!
Purred: Tue Sep 1, '09 9:12pm PST 
I WON! I'm the CUTEST one here! ME ME ME ME ME!! No one has posted in 101 days, therefore I WIN! snoopy snoopy snoopy

(ok,..now no one else post! I have WON! I'm taking the tiara! cheer )

~Sedona "the cutest" Amazon Princess Gladiator Warrior, Defender of All Against the Pesky Squirrels cheer smile

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