Do kittens get more or less affectionate as they grow older?

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Right now, I'm trying out a kitten on a trial basis. He's the most affectionate cat I've ever met--which is amazing, considering that he was a quasi-feral rescued from a cat hoarder. Up until now, most of my kittens have been rather mindlessly cheerful, but not personally affectionate like this little guy (he's around 4-5 months old), and most of my cats have been rather aloof, with moments of attention-seeking in between. I have noticed that most of my cats became more affectionate from around the age of two years onwards, for whatever reason. So, do you think this kitten will lose his almost histrionically affectionate nature, or keep it as he matures?

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Well.....our meowmy has found that if a kitten is affectionate when they are young, they will continue to be affecionate as they grow older. She says I am her "little love bug", cause I like to jump up in her lap when she is on the sofa, run up on her chest and give her kity kisses. Then I fall asleep under her chin....she LOVES that!! Emma and Louie have always been affectionate, they were hand-raised from the age of two weeks. Benny is affectionate with mewomy but wary around other humans. Pete enjoys meeting people, and "talks" to them. Also enjoys cuddling in the bed when the weather is cooler.

How is the rest of the furry family getting along with the new kitten? We want to see pictures too!!!

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Hi Chibi,

Only time will tell =)

Desert gets really affectionate when he has gotten into trouble outside and is glad to be home.

I wait till everyone is gone and then sit with mom to watch TV and get my dose of lovin'. I also drive her nuts when she's at work and I come along I climb up on her chest and rubb my face in hers and If she tries to put me on the floor then I jump up on her desk and lie on top of her work just to be pet.

Gosmot is not affectionate at all the most he does is sleeps on mommys feet and lets her pet him once in a while.

However This July a new cat came into the neighbourhood (we don't like him AT ALL) but if mommy is around he runs right up and does the figure 8 around her feet and lies down and rolls over and PURRRS and PUUURRRSSS and PURRRSSS and PUUUUUURRRRRRSSSSS mommy is sure he is the most affectionate cat she has every met.

Up with your new friend only time will tellwave


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Our current kitten is a rescue and he is quite 'typical' in that he's mindlessly energetic most of the day and then collapses into a ridiculously affectionate heap.

Our last cats (well, my parents') were both breeder pedigrees we had from kittens. One was always a mixture of childishly adoring and coolly aloof... the other was, from kitten age, the most gently, affectionate, people-obsessed cat I've ever known. She started out as a clingy kitten and became a clingy adult. So if it's possible to tell from another cat's example, he'll probably stay pretty loving! He might just become a bit more confident away from you and therefore be okay with spending more time alone etc.

I hope that makes sense!

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Fui and Suey have become more affectionate since turning 1. Fui especially now loves jumping up into bed for cuddles and pats.

Charmaine, my mum calls the strange interloper we have in the spare bedroom her lovebug too, because she is SO affectionate with her. Maybe you are related!!!


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BeBe, when he was a kitten wouldn't leave me alone.
Now that's he's 2, he's not nearly as clingy as he was, but he's still the most affectionate cat I've ever had. Lots of kisses and head butts! kitty


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Like everyone said, he will stay affectionate. He might not be a velcro kitty as an adult, but if he's loving now, he'll stay that way. It is more likely that he will heap some of that love on the other cats over time: I have gradually become a little less cuddly because I also cuddle with Gracie, but I'm still more loving and needy than mommy can take, she says. He will still be plenty loving as an adult, as long as he keeps being rewarded for his love with you loving on him. wink