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I'm the champion- snuggler!
Purred: Wed May 13, '09 11:17am PST 
I'm Tally. I just turned four in December. Mom and Dad adopted me from the WI Humane Society, so I'm not sure if I ever lived anyplace else. We live in Milwaukee because Daddy works for the school system, so we'll never be "burb" kitties! But, we have lots of birds, squirrels, chipmunks and our bunnies that visit us everyday!

Yay WI kitties


They call me- Miss- Independent!
Purred: Wed May 13, '09 11:19am PST 
Hi ya! wave
I'm Bella, and I just turned seven in March. Tally is my younger sisfur. Like her, I too was adopted from the Humane Society, so I don't know if I lived anyplace else. This is the only home I've ever known, so I guess you can call us "city kits".

It's nice to meet all of you. Hey Bella, that's why my daddy named me Bella too! We are beautiful! MOL!!!!

Wild Tiger

I never wanted- to say this
Purred: Wed May 20, '09 6:27pm PST 
wave Hey I'm Wild Tiger and I'm 9 years old(we think). i have a doggie sister named Jessie and a doggie brother named Harley. I love hanging out in the barn and making friends with mommy's horses lol laugh out loud


i'm old, i'm- fat, let me- sleep.
Purred: Mon Sep 21, '09 4:50pm PST 
Hello my name is Pactches and i live in algoma. i love making friends well thats all! wave

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