We're new too


Stupid Dog,- that's MY Mama!
Purred: Thu Aug 21, '08 4:59pm PST 
Hi, there!

My name is Dixie and my Mommy's name is Debbie. We're here to make friends and have fun.

Just wanted to jump in and say meow wave

Tosh [RB]

Rainbows & Old- Friends
Purred: Fri Sep 12, '08 6:03am PST 
Welcome, Dixie! Hope you enjoy your time here. smile

Purrs from the rainbow bridge,


Purred: Wed Jan 21, '09 11:17pm PST 
We have had our Catster account for awhile, but never had time to use it.
We are looking forward to meeting new friends here.
Hello Everyone!!!


Mommy it was- Ashe...Not me!?
Purred: Thu Mar 12, '09 3:47pm PST 
Hello all!!

My name is Kyra, my sister's name is Ashe. Mummies name is Jan... We are also new here and wanted to say hi!!!cheer