Newbie Here!


Purred: Mon Aug 4, '08 7:20am PST 
Hi everyone!
My name is Bailey, I am a 7 year old female from Vancouver, Canada.

Look forward to meeting everyone!kitty


Purred: Mon Aug 4, '08 7:24am PST 
Hi Everyone, my name is Augie and I am Bailey's step brother. I too am 7 years old but I am male.
Bailey and I live in the same household along with 5 other kitties. You will meet them soon.

Augie kitty


Purred: Mon Aug 4, '08 7:26am PST 
Hi I am Oscar, another one of the step brothers!

Mr. McGoo

Purred: Mon Aug 4, '08 7:28am PST 
Hi I am Goo, the newest to the bunch. I am only 4 years old.
I have a little bit of a crush on Bailey but she doesn't like me at all.


Purred: Mon Aug 4, '08 7:30am PST 
Hi I am Blackie, I am the senior of the house but haven't been with these kitties for too long. My Mommy passed away so I came to live with my human sister. I don't mind it and am very good friends with Mio and Oscar and I like Augie too!


Purred: Mon Aug 4, '08 7:32am PST 
Hi, I am Mio, Bailey's brother. My bestest friend is Augie. I tolerate all the rest.


Purred: Mon Aug 4, '08 7:36am PST 
Hi, I am KiKi. I am the most newest and youngest of the house. I am only 3 years old.
I don't really like my step brothers and sisters much yet.
I like my big brother Kajun though!
And I love all my human friends!
And I love to be outside.

Callie Rose

I See You
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Hi welcome to the group hope you have fun


It was Kyra,- Mummy. I- wouldn't do- that!
Purred: Thu Mar 12, '09 3:49pm PST 
Hello everykitty!

Me and my sister are new here! I am Ashe and my sister is Kyra! Hoping to meet some new pawls here!!