ms pretty- princess patches
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GOOD LUCK... PATCHES....hamster dancehamster dancehamster dance


Don't Mess With- Mama
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On top of efurrything else they do fur me, Mom & Dad cleaned out the walk-in closet last week so I could have a safe place to hide when the thunder comes! eek

cloud 9

Goldie Our- Angel

I`m cute don`t- you think I am?
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Sunday even ing I went to get on the cought to curl up for a nap my fuzzy blankett was gone I look at dad and Meow real loud and jump down got up again it just wasn`t there I look at dad again meow he knew then what my problem was no fuzzy blanket so we got mom in the room to find it she knew right where it was and put it on the cought for me now I can have a nap got my blankety back .I am a Pamper kittty my own blankeycloud 9

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Callie Rose

I See You
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I`m getting exact attention in storms to Baby G I go under the cought to hide went it thrunder went i do come out mom and dad all over me .I get exact treats and everything we are soon off to camp for ten days while mom and dad go to US for 10 days I`m just plian spoil rotten mom says I`m pampered that for sure

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Bad to the Bone- MOL!!!
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date- sept 21, 2008
how pampered I am :p
my name is zaynie and I've been with my hooman mommee for 3 weeks. She already had a full grown cat when I moved in, and we're slowly getting along. My mommee has done nothing but pamper me. She'd put me in my carrier at nite to make sure I didn't hurt myself. During the night she would take me out and carry me to my litter box so I could tinkle. She would leave food/water in my bowl in case I wanted a snack. Lately she's brought the carrier to her bed so we can 'sleep together'.
Then she unzips my carrier so I could run to the litterbox.

Last week she discovered I love love love to knead. So every night before bedtime she brings out the blankie, sets me on her lap and lets me knead and suckle on the blankie til I fall asleep.

She even takes me out for walks in this pawtastic carrier. I was an orphaned kitten in the neighborhood when she found me and she treated me to an afternoon outdoors.
That my friends is how I am meowy meowy pampered. And I'm only a kitten!! MOL
I love my mommee!! cheer

Callie Rose

I See You
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had you read Miss Sable story it down in the bottom she could get houner this month it a sad story and see what she been though I vote for her


Meezers are the- candy of life!
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Hmmm, I'm a little shy when it comes to this posting stuff.
Well my story begins, I was abused in my previous home and I escaped. I have the scars to prove the abuse, BUT my great new mom and dad rescued me from the joint(shelter) and gave me a new comfy furever home with JB. I have all the toys I want to play with, a sister to play chase you and chase me. All the food I want to eat, I was 3 pounds underweight and my growth has been stunted from malnutrition.
I arrived at the sheter wounded, I had cuts on my paws from my escape. My new dad was remodeling their vets office, Dr. Tracy. I was taken there for treatment of my wounds. Dad fell in love with me and introduced me to mom. They made application for me to be adopted before I was available, with Dr. Tracy's blessing. 24 hours later they got the good news/bad news. The good news was the application was approved! The bad news was there was a waiting list for meezers to be adopted and there was a meezer reported missing. Mom, dad and I were crushed. Fast forward 5 days. Mom gets a call from the shelter, telling her I was their new fur child! After talking with the shelter director, the family that reported the meezer missing did not want to see me since I was not microchipped at the time. Their cat was chipped. AND the people on the waiting list did not return the phone calls. On August 28, 2008 I went to my furever home. To be a happy, healthy carefree meezer!


Anyone- got a- pillow?
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Well... I we going to have a cool page soon, and my owners love me so much.kitty We get treats every day.We only get 7 each though.But that's a lot for one cat each.happy dance We love be 'n' on, Toby and Winston.Bye for now.

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Miss- Sable-Kitty

Miracle Child
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Okay, I know I telled you about how my pawrents pamper me-- which I love-love, 'cause I was never ever pampered ever before I got to my now-home... but their pampering isn't NOTHING compared to how I am feeling now!

ALL YOU CATSTERS have been pampering me so-ooooooo much!!!! I jus' can't believe that you all could be so NICE!!! All the time, when I go to check out my page here, some furry-furiend has sent me something SPECIAL! Ribbons, pumpkins, fun acorns to play with, pumpkins, a gggrrreat BIG mousy!!, pretty, nice-smelling (!) collars to wear, SHRIMP!!, and- even, a star! --**AND**, somebody, I don't have NO idea who, keeps sending me DELICIOUS fishie-treats!!!! My tummy feels comfy ALL the time, now!, an' I jus' about have forgotten about that bad-bad time when I was lost an' scared an' hurting, an' starving almost to death.

Plus you always send me warm fuzzy notes and letters, every time I look in my mailbox! An' I got BUNCHES of furiends now!! I am so contented I am jus' beside myself. I am SO-OOO glad to be here at Catster! I have found my other home!

I jus' want to say a huge enormous THANK YOU!!!!! to **all** of you! I feel so welcomed, and cared about! I really, finally, AM having a happy childhood now, and it's all because of you all, the warmest bunch anywhere.


Goldie Our- Angel

I`m cute don`t- you think I am?
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it my birthday today I am being pamper in everyway window up callie backing down from me hehe aand so happy to have all my catster and dogster friends to celebrate it with me I am the big 4 i wonder if I will go to schoolthinking any way i#m a very pamped kitty