Remo is receiving his wings today, 9:00 CST, Friday, July 18

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Picking up my wings tomorrow...

July 17th 2008 4hi54 pm [link to this entry]

OK, I'm one tough ol' pooch, and I'm perfectly content to let my Mum wipe up my backside, switch out the newspaper beneath me as needed, and give me water through an eye-dropper while tempting me with morsels of human food... I could do this for days and days and days--I've already done it for three. But Mum said, no, that's not really a good quality of life for me, so we are going to take a car ride to see our favorite vet, Dr. Trudy Mullings, tomorrow morning for a 9 a.m. CST appointment. Dr. Mullings saved WINston last year with the bad Nutro/Menu Foods thing, so we love her bunches and trust her to send me gently on my way. So, Arthur and I will be swooping around together on our Angel wings by Friday noon. vroooooooooooooom

Love and licks, woofs and wags, and a big Wooooooooooo woooooooo,
Remo the Red, turning White, always True Blue

TO HONOR OUR BIG RED BOY... On April 29, 2008 Remo was diagnosed with Renal Failure. With the help of our wonderful vet, Dr. Trudy Mullings, and daily sub-q fluids, we were very blessed to have an additional 2 1/2 months with our big red boy. We ask that any contributions made in his honor go to As Good as Gold--Golden Retriever Rescue of Northern Illinois, the rescue that LuckyLucy came from and that HoneyBunny and Remo raised funds for by tirelessly "pressing paw" at various events around Chicagoland.