Question for all Sams


World domination
Purred: Mon Jun 30, '08 1:53pm PST 
What is the strangest thing you have ever ate? Today I ate a little gecko, which I think is ok-but my human mom was not too impressed!

She screamed and stood on a chair.shock Humans!


The Mighty- Samson
Purred: Tue Jul 22, '08 2:53pm PST 
The strangest thing I remember eating was a moth, a very powdery one. It grossed out mama especially when I had it half way in my mouth! It was dry but tasty.


World domination
Purred: Fri Aug 22, '08 12:11pm PST 
Hi Samson~
My sister Mia and I played with a moth last night until it didn't play anymore. My mom was pretty grossed out too!confused