Pie's Breakfast Club

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Hallie Baloo

I'm in charge!
Purred: Fri Apr 17, '15 5:05am PST 
*Hallie and Tori wake up very early, put on their running shoes, and head down to the BC to make breakfast. They are hoping that Peekers is coming to get them this morning, they are tired of Wilson and his swimming instructions. shrug shrug

Tori makes bacon, sausages and potatoes, while Hallie whips up some cheesy eggs and french toast. They heat up some hot cocoa and put on a pot of water for Aunt Whispie's morning tea, and start up some coffee as well. Now the girls put everything in the warmers and sit down with their breakfasts in front of the window so they can see Peekers coming. cheercheer


Prof Mango, Esq - smarter than you- think
Purred: Fri Apr 17, '15 5:41am PST 
Sounds delicious, as usual!


Everybody loves- me!
Purred: Fri Apr 17, '15 5:49am PST 
*Peeks comes running up the path to the BC and slides inside!*

OMC! You girls are up and ready to go this morning! GREAT! We have a full day of obstacle course building, running and climbing today! I want to make the course bigger and better and incorporate the cliff on the side of the cave so that we can get some more real rock climbing skills! I have the cave full of stuff to build more jumps and tunnels on the course itself too! How about a fire pit? We can jump ofur real fire!

*She pulls out a plate and piles it high with food as she chatters on...the girls big eyes getting bigger and bigger at her plans for the day!*


The Princess
Purred: Fri Apr 17, '15 5:51am PST 
*Whispie pads in as Peekers is chattering about the obstacle course. * shock

Peeks, you be sure and keep those girls safe! It can be furry dangerous doing the stunts you do all the time! Wilson would NOT be happy if one of his sisfurs got hurt playing wif you!

*She pads over to the buffet and puts together a plate of breakfast, then gets her tea and sits by the window*

I'm gonna spend the day in the garden! It's a purrfect day to do some clean up and planting! cloud 9

Wilson J- Scooter

Purred: Fri Apr 17, '15 7:28am PST 
*Wil comes into the BC and sees his sisters already up. He has big plans for them today at the pool but just as he gets ready to tell them, they jump up and run out the door with Peekers ... waving and yelling out goodbye to Wilson as they go by.

But...but ... hey *they're already halfway across the meadow confused
Oh well ... I have plenty to do right here at the BC
*Wil gets a plate of food and takes a seat with Mango and Whispie

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