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Pie's Breakfast Club

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Everybody loves- me!
Purred: Fri Jan 8, '16 11:01am PST 
*Peekers pads in with a brown bags filled with little notes from all of the forest animals who enjoyed the pancakes Hallie and Tori left for them*

Our little forest furriends sure loved what the girls left out for them! Each and efurry one pawed a thank-you fur the nice treat!kitty

Flower - Purrecious- Angel

Flowie The- Warrior Queen!- (Thanks, Bugsy
Purred: Fri Jan 8, '16 11:07am PST 
little angellittle angellittle angellittle angellittle angel

*Angel Flowie streaks down out of the sky and flies right through the door and into the BC!*

I think I'll sprinkle angel dust all ofur the BC today! Just to remind efurryone of how much I love them on my two year Bridge annifursary!

*She starts flying around in little circles, flinging multicolored angel dust everywhere!*

There! That will make efurryone look around! Heehee!

*She lifts her beautiful wings and lifts off, out of the BC and high into the sky, disappearing into fluffy white clouds!*

Phantom -- Dreamboat #- 113

King of my- domain
Purred: Wed Jan 13, '16 5:14am PST 
*Phantom comes in and sees the angel dust and knows Flowie was here*

It's hard to believe it's been two years Flowie...the ceiling hasn't been as clean since you left....of course, without Ka-zar, we haven't stuck many pancakes on the roof. I think today would be a good day for that.

I'll make some regular pancakes, chocolate chip and blueberry, along with some scrambled eggs and lots of bacon.

*Hums away as he works, then gets a plate with some of each, loaded up with fresh butter from yesterday's delivery and syrup and a big mug of hot cocoa.*


The Princess
Purred: Wed Jan 13, '16 1:28pm PST 
*Whispie pads in quietly and goes into the kitchen*

Oh Phantom...thank you fur making pancakes! I haven't had them in such a long while!

*She makes up a plate of food for herself and pours a nice big mug of hot cocoa with lots of nip cream marshmallows, then sits down by the big windows*

It's such a shame that we all can't be here regularly anymore. I miss my furriends and my fur sibs who have flown to the Bridge....*sniffles*..... sadness....we are all well loved and well taken care of by our furrmilies! We have the BESTEST furriends efur...both here on Earth and at the Rainbow Bridge!

*Sniffling a little bit, she smiles at Phantom and reaches over to squeeze his paw gently, then sips her cocoa and eats the yummy breakfast while gazing outside at the snow filled yard and garden*
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Hallie Baloo

I'm in charge!
Purred: Wed Jan 13, '16 1:42pm PST 
*in the door run Hallie and Tori and the slide to a halt when they see pancakes.

Ohhhhhh Tori and me love pannycakes laugh out loudlaugh out loud
Hello Aunt Whispie and Uncle Phanty
*the girls run and give hugs and kisses to them, then grab plates and make up their pancakes with nip butter and syrup.

Did you know that the forest animals love pancakes too? big grinbig grin


The Princess
Purred: Fri Jan 15, '16 1:48pm PST 
*Whispie and Phantom exchange glances and smile at the girls. They both love to see the torties having fun!*

Yes, Peekers told me that she has shared her pancakes with the forest creatures before. I'm sure she has taken you two out there wif her to give treats to all the furs in the the woods too! I'm going to make us a nice little snackie and maybe we can all sit down by the fire and play Catopoly!
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Everybody loves- me!
Purred: Mon Jan 18, '16 5:04am PST 
*Peekers comes running out of the woods and goes into the BC. Seeing no fur there, she builds up the fire to a nice blaze and while the room warms, she goes to the kitchen to prepare coffee and tea for the Furts*

Whispie will come in to cook brekkie, but she will apurreciate some hot drinks being all ready made! I think I'll make some REAL hot chokky too!

*She busies herself, humming a little tune* kitty


The Princess
Purred: Mon Jan 18, '16 5:06am PST 
*Whispie comes roaring up on her pink and purple Hello Kitty snowmobile. Parking it neatly beside the barn, she pads up to the BC and goes inside*

Ooohhhhh....I smell coffee! OH! Peeks! You made drinks fur all of us! Wonderpurr! I'll get started on some food while we chat! Let's put some music on too!

*The girls dance around a little bit while they talk and giggle and cook breakfast together*
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