Summertime, and the livin' is easy..

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Al aka Alamo- Schmo- forever lov

I'm a scarf.. no- really.. a mink- scarf!
Purred: Thu Jun 26, '08 12:51am PST 
What are you doing this summer?

I'm running around the garden, exploring and chasing Willow, looking at trees I might be able to climb, going on the roof and watching everything. When I'm indoors I lie in any patch of sun I can find!

Willow aka- Wilomena- Catbeast -

I Vant To Be- Alone, Dahlink!
Purred: Thu Jun 26, '08 12:54am PST 
I'm catching birds (only got one, and daddy took it off me!). Climbing roofs, going to the neighbours, lying on mums lawn blanket, following her around the garden and "helping" with the gardening, chasing Al, and looking for frogs.


This town is- mine, this food- is mine!
Purred: Thu Jun 26, '08 12:55am PST 
In the summer, we would all go exploring in the garden. We had a big garden when we moved house but were a bit old to enjoy it properly. Most of the time we would just lie in a patch of sun.


Wherever I lay- my hat, thats my- home.
Purred: Thu Jun 26, '08 12:56am PST 
I'm enjoying my new garden and playing with my new furpals in the sun!


Lion Cuts are- the Devils- Haircut!
Purred: Thu Jun 26, '08 12:57am PST 
I like to lie on the balcony and the chairs in the sun terrace... yawn...


Rawrr! I'm King- and dont forget- it!
Purred: Thu Jun 26, '08 12:58am PST 
I patrol the grounds repelling intruders... grr!

SnowToo - Gone from us- but alw

I'm soft as a- cotton ball!
Purred: Thu Jun 26, '08 1:01am PST 
I like to lie on the front drive and see who visits, sometimes I snuggle into a flower-pot! I like to stretch out on the ground and wait for a neighbour to come and pet me.


I'm a Gentle- Giant.
Purred: Thu Jun 26, '08 1:04am PST 
I like to wander around - there's so much to look at! Me and Shady go on adventures, and I'm going to show Tigger all the best spots.. like the woodshed - which is good to explore.


I'm beautiful!- Feed me- fishies!!
Purred: Thu Jun 26, '08 1:05am PST 
With my long hair I dont like it when its too hot, but I do like to explore with Biscuit. I prefer the shade!

Podgy and- Plod

Trouble comes in- two!
Purred: Thu Jun 26, '08 1:07am PST 
When its a sunny day we lie under trees and wander around looking for bugs.. but when the long summer evenings draw in we like to HUNT! We even got a pet dove once!

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