10 Top Reasons to Be Owned by a Tonk


Mack the Tonk
Purred: Sat Jun 21, '08 11:09pm PST 
10. Daily puddy-paw massages on tummy.
9. Improve your own health eating their leftovers: fresh organic home-cooked.
8. Never late to work - get woken up one exact hour before alarm goes off .
7. No need to join a gym - get chased around house - no extra charge!
6. Free singing lessons!
5. No door left closed ever again!
4. Get met at door every day with toy in mouth.
3. Fill every drawer in house with free fur
2. Apple Shaped Head Butts!
1. Aqua Jewel Eyes win every time!

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Al aka Alamo- Schmo- forever lov

I'm a scarf.. no- really.. a mink- scarf!
Purred: Tue Jul 1, '08 1:57am PST 
I dont puddy pat but I do climb on mum and dads heads in the morning! And yes, its about an hour before the alarm is due to go off!

I dont like people food.. period. Mum and dad are quite grateful, Mum used to have Siamese that would beg and steal - even ginger cake! I like milk and cat biscuits, and the jelly from cat food.. and that's about it.

I chase Willow around the house. And the garden. Mum only chases me when I refuse to come in. Otherwise I just walk in front of people REALLY SLOWLY to set the pace!

Also my eyes are more lime than aqua cos I'm not a show cat, but they are still gorgeous!