What symptoms sent you and your cat to the Vetrinarian


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What were your cat's first symptoms?

with Schatzie it was rapid breathing after he vomited up his little bit of grass. His breathing did not recover to a normal rate after fifteen minutes. He had become overweight for his size. He was a large cat ( 5 1/2" back feet, tall, 13" tail) but at 19 lbs he was 5 lbs too heavy. He was showing very little interest in chasing toys. Over the past two years his sleeping and dream state (REM) became noisy. He sounded like he snored every time he slept.

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I am sorry you weren't feeling good. With me, I was born sickly and was always at the vet. I was 6 1/2 years old and my heart became enlarged. I had a blot clot in my front leg, but went right to the vet and recovered from that and a week later got another a " saddle block" clot which cut off the blood supply to my back legs and I became paralyzed. The heart problem was undetected. Two different vets (my vet and er vet) felt it developed suddenly. I was put to sleep because I was paralyzed and my health was fading fast. I hope you get better results. I'll be purring for you.


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I had rapid breathing almost from my abdomen and that was my only symptom. I have been diagnosed with heart failure and cardiomyopathy and Meowma checks for blood clots by seeing me walk and touching my legs for coldness. Meowma read that blood clots are a major symptom of cardiomyopathy. So is an enlarged heart. My atria are both very large- the largest the feline cardiologist has ever seen! No one will tell Meowma my prognosis, but she read on the internet that the average survival time for a cat with cardiomyopathy is 6 mos, with the upper estimate at 3 years. I hope I have 3 more years because Meowma loves me so much and doesn't know what to do without me.