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Freddie Bear⋗*Amy's cat*

Lil- orangie
Purred: Wed Jul 2, '08 8:45pm PST 
Name: Bearclaw
Rank: warrior
Gender: tom
Clan: Thunderclan
Appearence: orange tom allover even in the eyes
Personality: sleek, stealthy, proud
History: born a clan cat shortly after Graytide brought Snowtiger to the clan and he soon befriended the white tom Bearclaw resembeled a bear when he was first born in the nursery but he is a sleek and stealthy orange warrior all the elders talk about him suppoing to be a shadowclan cat

✄BlOoDy MaRy*Lizzy's sis*

oh keep- ya snout- shut!
Purred: Wed Jul 2, '08 8:48pm PST 
Name: Rosepetal
Rank: medicine cat
Gender: She-cat
Clan: Thunderclan
Appearence: dusty brown she-cat with bright yellow eyes like her adopted sister Yellowstar
Personality: dreamy, off task, loving
History: Rosepetal's mother noticed love and caring in her eyes when they had first opened all the love and intensity that a rose's color holds so she was named Rosekit as an apprentice Rosepaw never seemed intent on her duties when she would fetch moss for the elders she would always ask the medicine cat if she needed any special herbs she is nowThunderclan's medicine cat and loves and cares for what she does.her mother left her to take care of Yellowkit when she went to be with the twolegs

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Fluffy- ♥*aun- t's cat*

I- ♥- Stewart!
Purred: Wed Jul 2, '08 8:51pm PST 
we were going to make me deputy but there would be too many important she-cats and we wanted sumbody else to have a chance!


Aka Dark kit
Purred: Thu Aug 14, '08 5:21pm PST 
Hi I just joinedbig grin
Namebig huglackKit
Age:4 months
Genderbig hugoy
Rank:To be determined
Story:Orphaned as a 2 month old kit little BlackKit was able to survive until he reached the River Clan camp.kittykittykittykitty


Aka Dark kit
Purred: Fri Aug 15, '08 6:02am PST 
BlackKit cont
Personality: Always Focused and on task.
Appearance:Completely Black.
Secret:He's been chasing a mouse for a month. hamster dance
The mouse


I'm a- PRINCESS!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!!!
Purred: Tue Aug 26, '08 7:01pm PST 
I'm Graykit
I'm 5 moons old
Windclan kit
Born into clan and is smart, fast, and loves to talk..
I'm a gray tabby with no white.


Play, Play,- Play!
Purred: Tue Oct 21, '08 5:06pm PST 
Name: Rosekit
Rank: 2 moon old kit
Gender: Girl
Clan: Riverclan
Appearence: dark brown with black stripes and a white chin. blue eyes, like all young kits
Personality: mischevious and curious. Can easily get into trouble
History: Daughter of Cloudheart, the Riverclan deputy, Rosekit wants to be a great warrior like her father.


You can stare,- but petting's- gonna cost.
Purred: Thu Dec 4, '08 3:33pm PST 
I'm so glad I found this group! I love roleplaying Warriors!

Name: Hazelspirit
Gender: she-cat
Rank: warrior
Pelt: Light brown tabby with two white paws, a white chest, and white tail tip.
Eyes: Hazel (They change color, like my eyes. Mine are Hazel)
Mate: None
Kits: None
Kin: Sister; Brookstream
Clan: RiverClan
Personality: Fun and loves to laugh, loves to explore and meet new cats. She can be suddenly serious when the time calls for it, though, and you don't want to get on her bad side.
History: Born and raised in RiverClan

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You can stare,- but petting's- gonna cost.
Purred: Thu Dec 4, '08 3:37pm PST 
And my second kitty, made after my real kitty, Gigi:

Name: Brookstream
Gender: she-cat
Rank: Warrior
Pelt: Gray with silvery hairs all over, with silver paws and muzzle. Her tail and back are a darker gray.
Eyes: Yellow, with a ring of green around her pupil
Clan: RiverClan
Mate: None
Kits: None
Kin: Sister; Hazelspirit
Personality: Loves to hunt and be with friends, and sometimes she just likes to lay around. She's a beauty queen and sometimes cares a little too much about how she looks.
History: Born and raised in RiverClan


Fireclaws girl- forever <3
Purred: Thu Apr 16, '09 10:35am PST 
Name: Brightstar
Rank: Leader
Gender: She-Cat
Clan: Blazeclan
Appearence: Calico with dark green eyes
Personality: Loyal,Caring,Devoted
History: Born a thunderclan cat but, felt she never belonged so she went to shadowclan and got chased off! Feeling bad she decided to create her own clan

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