Can NFC be happy as inside only?

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Fred RIP

Purred: Sun May 11, '08 5:55am PST 
I lost my cat Fred. He was inside /otside and my first Wegie. I loved him so much and I really love this breed. He was hit by a car- he loved being outside and It was so hard for me to take that away from him. My question is can NFC be happy as inside only pets. I can't go through the trauma and guilt of having another beloved pet hit by a car. I'd like to get another NFC but want the cat to be happy. any comments appreciated. Thanks

♥- Pete &hearts

Open the Door!
Purred: Thu May 22, '08 7:14pm PST 
You know, I wouldn't be happy as an indoor cat, but that's because I started as an outdoor cat. Mom got me after I was shot in the leg, rescued, had my leg reconstructed by a nice vet, and then heard about me 3 weeks later and adopted me. She promised she would keep me inside, but she couldn't. I would have snuck outside and all the other kitties got to go out, so out I go. I couldn't live without climbing trees and sitting on the deck. If you want to see pictures of me when I was in the hospital, look at the end of my photoalbum.

BUT, my girlfriend, Princess Cilantro, is an inside cat. She works with her mom, a vet, at the clinic, and she's a certified therapy cat, so she travels a lot, and maybe that helps. Also, her mom takes her out on a leash and she even climbs trees with it on! They go on walks and she is quite happy.

My advice is to get a young cat who doesn't know better. Keep her/him inside, try the leash thing for walks (and in case of escapes), and know that life is a crapshoot for all of us. Better to have lived and been loved to not have lived. And buy a nice tall cat tree; ours is 6 feet tall! And lots of toys, we like to play with toys. Best of all, do what my mom did and get 2 so that your kitty is never bored. I have Sid to fight with and Bear to snuggle with; the perfect life.

Junior- Fluffkins

Let's play. Now.- NOW. I SAID- NOW!!!!
Purred: Wed May 28, '08 3:58pm PST 
Hi guys,
We're new here, my sister and I. I'm not even certain we're NFCs. But we think so. Anyway, I just want to offer a different persective? I'm an indoor cat, even though I came to Mom as a stray and therefore had been outside for some time. It took a year but I finally got past the overwhelming desire to go outside. I get to go onto the porches and sleep outside there, and that's where I like to sit in my transmogrifier and pretend I'm back in the days of ancient Norway when the Norsk Skogkatt was King and it snowed every day.

But then recently, my Mom took me outside on a leash. We've done that three times. I HATE the leash, I really hate it, and last time I scratched her and chewed on it quite violently so she put it away. Mind you, she kept getting it out because since the first time out a few weeks ago, I've been scratching at the door and yelling and showing and digging a hole in the carpet to go out. Which I wasn't doing before we went out on the leash. So, for me, the leash experiment was a VERY BAD idea!!

Just thought I would offer that perspective.

Junior Fluffkins

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Bonnie the- Beautiful &- Bonnie Lass
Purred: Tue Jun 3, '08 9:46pm PST 
I was in a rescue group when my meow-mom came to find more kitty love (she only had 1 cat back then). I was a spoiled, very pampered and overfed Indoor cat by my first elderly lady mom, who had to move into her daughter's house - she wouldn't let my 1st mommy bring me, so to the rescue group I went. I was awfully matted, because my foster mom had alot of cats (I hated that time).

I adore getting a "lion cut" come summer time, cuz I live in Arizona where even inside it's HOT! But, I do NOT want to go outside (and my meow mom now has also lost a cat or 2 and never let's anyone outside again)... We have play time scheduled 2 times a day to keep me from getting bored, and I now have some other cats here - though I AM the Queen and hang by myself, I do love sitting next to my meow-mom and snuggling next to her in bed - That's the only time I put up with those "other" cats she has laugh out loud

♥- Pete &hearts

Open the Door!
Purred: Fri Jun 20, '08 8:54pm PST 
Hi guys, My girlfriend, the very beautiful Princess Cilantro, lives in Toronto, so she can't go outside alone, and likes her leash. Her mom is a vet and even let's her climb trees with it on. PC is a therapy cat, so her leash makes it really easy for her to go visit nursing homes and hospitals and make people happy. PC doesn't ever tell me she wants to be outside, her brother Tarragon and her get to go for walks every day. PC is a purebred NFC and does shows, too, so she has to keep her fur well groomed. I don't think she ever was an outside kitty, though.

Me, there's no way I'd ever go for the leash thing and if mom even thought about locking me up I'd go just nutso. I'm not very talkative but there are things I WILL talk about! Outside is one of them!!


Bonnie the- Beautiful &- Bonnie Lass
Purred: Sun Jun 22, '08 7:14pm PST 
Pete, when I saw your beautiful fur then looked at your page, I would never have guessed you'd ever been outdoors!!!

I've trained my meow-dad to go get some fresh grass for me and bring it INside to me MOL but during our car trip, I jumped in mom's arms when she had the car door open - I only wanted to SMELL the outside! I do sit by the screen and look out, but when my humans go in and out they kick the door making it scary noises, so we all never try to get out alone.

Meow-mom had 2 other cats trained to walk on a leash - one hated the thing and never left the porch so she didn't have to use it after all - the other one (Mr. Boots) OH how he loved to walk around the neighborhood showing off his So beautiful black and white Maine Coon fur, struting with his pretty red harness and leash on - BUT, because he got a "taste" of outside, when the humans had an accident, he ran outside and couldn't be found again :-(

Meow-mom can't ever let that happen again, so she makes up for it by playing alot with us, and spending time sitting with each of us giving us head kisses and pets - *I* get the most being the "Queen Bonnie" here!! laugh out loud


Maraow-raow- (Malvern talk- for Hello)
Purred: Fri Aug 8, '08 3:54pm PST 
i have to keep Malvern inside, he so wants to be an outdoor kitty but the Animal Control found him wandering the streets (that's how i adopted him), so i'm too paranoid he's run away if i let him out.
Dont think he hasnt run right past me when the door was open tho laugh out loud
But hates the leash.

I just make sure he has lots of windows to look out of and a high perch too.


Daddy's little- girl
Purred: Sat Mar 3, '12 10:59am PST 
I'm an indoor kitty because I live on a busy street and dad's afraid I'll get hit by a car.I'd rather go outside for a walk in my carrier.

Madam Curie

Curie the- Narcoleptic- Kitty
Purred: Sat Sep 15, '12 3:29am PST 
I am a inside kitteh only, I was rescued from Craigslist from people who did not love me but there I was inside / outside. My new forever home built me a window perch and it may be a small apt but I have adapted nicely. I sleep overnight in my window and watch the hobos in the alley, during the day I sleep on the edge of the bed within view of my person. I think if we live indoors we need lots of stimulation, I have a large cat tree, lots of toys, and my person built wall shelves just for me. Give me love and attention and I can live happy indoors. I will also live much longer and healthier as a indoors kitteh so that is nice as well.


Bonnie the- Beautiful &- Bonnie Lass
Purred: Wed May 15, '13 6:03pm PST 
My meow mom adopted me after 10 years of living Indoors ONLY! I am so happy to stay inside - I do make my meow DAD go get the nice looking green grass for me to chew on. I'm very happy to be pampered, played with and loved without my forever home making me go out!

Every Cat can be happy inside -- it takes YOUR willingness to kick the doors, so they don't sneak out - YOUR time to play so they are not unhappy, YOUR money to buy them perches or seating near a window where they CAN sit and only look out without the Outdoor dangers smile

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