Quiet here...


Cat Artist- http://lizakrame- r.tripod.com/
Purred: Thu Apr 3, '08 9:44pm PST 
There are a lot of members, but no posts.. ? thinking


Sweet Meezer
Purred: Tue Apr 8, '08 6:18am PST 
With such a large amount of kitty members, you would think it wouldn't be so quiet. thinking

Simon- Garfunkel

Momma's Boy
Purred: Fri Apr 11, '08 7:57pm PST 
Hello- My name is Simon Garfunkel (so special I got two names!) and my BIG sister is Squishy. We are Siamese Kitty's. I noticed that this group is Quiet! I make a lot of noise! Some times my mommy says I wine like a baby... But i'm just telling her about my dad of course! Do any of you wine like a baby when you talk to your mommy & daddy?


Bad to the Bone!
Purred: Tue Mar 3, '09 3:55pm PST 
Mommy says I whine all the time! But mostly when I'm hungry (which is pretty much all the time) and when I want to go on the patio. I meow REALLY LOUD so everyone can hear me!