I\\\'m First
Purred: Sat Mar 8, '08 10:32am PST 
This really works.

In a spray bottle (I got at walmart in beauty supplies) add 1/3 cup of baby oil, 1/3 cup of original listerine and 1/3 cup of warm water. Shake the bottle to mix and spray on pet. Works well especially on dogs with dandruff and real dry skin. Rub it in. The
pets fur will not be oily but sure makes him feel better. It is really good for dogs that get hot spots. Always shake mixture before spraying pet.


Atilla the Snug
Purred: Fri Apr 4, '08 2:31pm PST 
Thanks Meekah.

Is it safe for kitties also when they bathe so much? We have not had any problems lately, but when mom rescued Liza after being in an ice storm, her skin came off in sheets, it was horrible.

Bobbi, our dog got a hot spot once and it looked so painful (she chewed and made raw spots in about a day), but in over 13 years, that was the only one she ever had. We know some dogs that get them a lot.


I\\\'m First
Purred: Wed Apr 9, '08 7:13am PST 
Yep its safe for us.