Help: Chewing fur off his paws and legs!!

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We moved into a new house last summer and since my brother's gf has moved in with us along with their new puppy, we have a total of 4 dogs and 1 cat. We now have a big backyard at this new place, and of coz we would love to take adventage of its usage for our pooch to run around and play in. We usually let the door stay open when we let the dogs out so we can check up on them when we're in the living room. As much as my bf would love to have his cat running about the entire house, I worry the cat would run off if one of us wasn't aware when we leave a door open. Since we have one extra room in this new place, we didn't to let the cat have a room for himself with all his toys and bedding. However, two months ago I found that he has small patches on his legs that are bald. I've never seen him doing so, but I'm guessing he's chewing off his fur off his legs? And now it got pretty serious that all four of his legs have bigger patches area that are not covered with fur. Have anyone's kitty experienced this before? and why? I hope it's not some kind of skin disease. My bf and I thinks he's probably not used to the new environment since he was able to run around our old townhouse when we didn't have a backyard for our dogs, therefore we wouldn't leave any door open wide for the cat to run off. Plus now we got more dogs, and I dont' really trust the others for watching the pets closely since my 2 yr chihuahua ran off to the neighbor's front yard and was accidentally left locked out in da backyard few times by my brother.

How can I stop the cat chewing off his fur? and what should I do to help his fur grow back? will it even grow back?


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That is either stress grooming or an allergic reaction to something. Have you changed litters or foods in the last year?

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If it is stress you can try a Feliway diffuser CLICK HERE

or Rescue Remedy CLICK HERE

I hope you figure out what's bothering kitty.

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He's been using the same litter brand for the past two years. However, I've switched his diet from hair ball control to weight control.since he tends to throw up hairball alot then I noticed he put on some weight.

Is there any products that I can wash him with or apply medicine cream on his legs to help his fur grow back?


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MeowMeow, I'm so sorry you're going through this; we cats take great pride in our appearance, as you know, so going around with bald patches - well, that's just not catlike!

Let's see: you moved into a new house, there's a new puppy, and now you're confined to one room? Wowee - no wonder you're stressed! And "excessive grooming" as the doctors call it is a classic sign of stess.

That's a lot to have thrown at you; being confined - that's like being in prison! Does you mom give you lots of attention? Do you ever get to go into other parts of the house? Do you get "mom time"? Maybe you're going "stir crazy" or getting "cabin fever."

Now, maybe you are allergic to something in the new house, but with all the stress in your life, that seems more likely to be a cause. But maybe the carpet in the new house? But if it were an allergy, I think you'd be losing fur all over, not just on your legs.

If your mom's worried about your gaining too much weight *and* hairballs, here's an idea: my mom feeds us Purina O.N.E. weight management/hairbal control formula -- right, both things in the same food. Of course, being man of the house, I'm still a big guy but not fat, and the other two are staying quite trim. And nary a hairball to be found!

I hope your mom will take you to your doctor soon so that you can get help. Good luck!!


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thinking I think the other posters are right about the stress. Maybe you could put a screen door in or something like that, where the door could be left open, but the cat can't get outside. As for hairballs, Meowmy puts a couple of drops of mineral oil in my water-it has helped me!!

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When we captured Flint from outside and brought him inside to one room until we could find a home, he was so stressed he peed on everything! Otherwise, he was a lovely, sweet kitty (who we wish we could have kept). Being confined in one room when you are used to having the run of the house is going to be a very big strain. Smelling dogs but not knowing what is going on... being excluded... I would cast my vote with the stress factor too and we really hope the space changes for the poor kitty!!