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Bobcat - Fluffy Angel- 4/19/11

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You're not alone, Isaac. Momma sings (at least that's what she calls it) to us all the time. She changes the words to make them relate to us.

The word "baby" becomes "Bobcat"
"you" becomes "Foo" (Rufus' nickname)
"me" becomes "Bree" (for Briana)

Rufus - In Loving- Memory 12/17

Sweet Angel
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Momma had a special lullaby for me when I was sick.

"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine,
You make me happy, when skies are gray,
You'll never know dear, how much I love Foo,
please don't take my sunshine away."

Briana - Little Angel- Girl

Why won't you- leave me- ALONE??!!
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I don't know why your staff calls you mice, but Momma and Not-the-Momma call me a rat, Ratly Girl, and Rodentia.

Momma hasn't been singing much since Rufus crossed, but she used to sing a modified version of the Barney song:

"I love Foo, Foo loves Bree,
We're a crappy family,
With a great big hug,
and a hiss from Bree to Foo,
won't you say you love Bree too?"

Pathetic, I know.

Isaac - 1/18/1991 -- 5/5/2008

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*giggles* Isaac LOVE hearink deze singink stories!! applause Who else vant to rat on ju staff??

Lalo ~- forever- loved

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Hi Isaac,
I'm Stanley's little brother Lalo. Stanley says he already sent you a private pawmail (in Isaac-speak) a few days ago, but since this topic is part of a group thread now, I will embarrass my mommy (giggle) by reprinting Stanley's message to you below:

Meowed From: Stanley
Meowed To: Isaac
Subject: Songs for our Cats

Ze staff found ju inquiry very eenteresting, because she has made up songs for a few cats over ze years. Vhun vas for her old Siamese mix Kahlua, sung to ze tune of "A Hunting We Will Go":

Kahlua Cat K'tu
Kahlua Cat K'tu
Hi ho the merry-o, Kahlua Cat K'tu

(Now get ready....Heer come ze chorus)

Kahlua, Kahlua, Kahlua
Kahlua Cat K'tu
Kahlua, Kahlua, Kahlua
Kahlua Cat K'tu

Kahlua vent to ze Bridge een 200o at ze age of 17, und ze staff don't haf a Catster page for heem. But ze staff still remember heem vith zhis brilliant song.


Bobcat - Fluffy Angel- 4/19/11

Handsome and- then some
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Some more songs Not-the-Momma sings to embarrass us:

Hello, my Bobcat,
Hello, my slob cat,
Hello, my scruffy guy.
Send me a kiss by wire,
Bobcat, my butt's on fire!
If you don't goose me,
Bobcat, you'll lose me,
then you will be alone,
So Bobcat call me and tell me I'm your own!

Next song:

I love you, Bobcat!
and if it's quite alright,
I'll goose my Bobcat,
Tonight and every night,
Let me goose you, Bobcat,
Let me goose you!

Your just to good to be true,
can't take my eyes off of Foo,
you'd be like heaven to touch,
I want to goose you so much . . .

Scratch- 1994-2012

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Meowmy loves to sing "Scratcher Baby" instead of "Santa baby"

Scratcher baby
likes to run around the house at 3
you've been an awful good girl
Scratcher baby
lets snuggle on the sofa tonight

Isaac - 1/18/1991 -- 5/5/2008

How do I look??
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Awww... dats cute Scratch-y Baby! laugh out loud