What are YOU allergic to???

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Hi!! I'm new here and I just wondered what everybody is here for smile
I'm allergic to a lot of things... so far mom and dad know I'm allergic to aloe, shrimp, road salt (in winter); the first time my face swelllled all up and I practically looked like a SharPei!!!! O wait... well anyway the vet gave me a steroid shot to counter my reaction and I threw up all the next day.

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WOW! Well, I am allergic to pollen and Canine Carry-Outs. I have the same reaction you had to the rock salt. My face swells all up and I look like I have gumballs in my cheeks! BOL!


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dogWell, I'm mostly allergic to dust, and I am new too. My brother, Tazz, is allergic to everything. He is a dachshund and they gave him steriods, WOW he could not even walk! eek I'm allergic to dust mostly though.


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We think my allergies are food related. I had issues with my nose and my paws. Similar to my cousin Maizey, so mom just changed my food and I have been without issues for two years now. We think it is wheat, beef and fish. I was doing really good on this one brand that had venison, but the supplier cut back on its production. I am currently eating the new Benefial, "Healthy Harvest". This is my third week and no signs of a breakout. Whew!! snoopy


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I had allergy test done and I am allergic to 27 things:

Some of them are:

Wheat, Brewers Yeast, Tomato Pomace, Chicken, Turkey, Dairy, Soy, Mixed Feathers, Carpet, Cats, Dust Mites, 5 different types of Grasses, Weeds, some tree pollen, Cock roaches, Fungi just to name a few.....


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I'm allergic to around 50 things. I, of course, can not remember everything off the top of my head, so I'll just name the few that I can think of!


I'm allergic to about everything but Venison and Fish. Every food we find that has Venison or Fish Meal also has potatoes or something else I'm allergic to in the main ingredients.

Since I am not too allergic to chicken, I eat food with that. Its kind of sad that I can't even find a food that I am not allergic to at all.

We did find a few treats that I can have, but we like to stick with carrots and ice cubes as treats. We even have baked some before.

I eat Nature's Recipe Instinct, Chicken Meal Formula. It only contains one ingredient that is low on my allergy list.

Sorry for posting so late.. I can see that no has posted for over 540 days!!

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