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the past few days iv not been myself. tuesday last week i had the snip but iv been fine. then the past couple of days iv not really been hungry. all i do is sleep. normaly i follow my mum and dad round like a shadow, all they have to do is look at me and i start purring. but if they stroke me i just look the other way. this morning mummy picked me up for a cuddle and i started crying, i never EVER do that. so she called the vets and explained. they wanted to see me asap. so dad took me, as mum was at work. they stuck that blooming stick up my bum again, and it said my temp was 107! she hooked me up on a drip and im staying at the vets now.
iv no idea whats wrong with me. i hope i get to see mum again.

mums just found out that my temp should be around 101, and even a couple of degrees change could kill me, mine went up 6 degrees!!!! im so lucky mum & dad got me to the vets in time, otherwise i probably wouldnt be alive now

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Hi Chopper. Are you at the vets now? Hoping you are feeling better very soon.


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hi, im back home now, feeling much better, iv still got lots of tablets to take, but if they keep me alive i dont care!

temp is still a bit high, but were getting there!!!

mum and dad are taking good care of me, and im making the most of it!!!

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just found this posting
i hope that thing are better please let us know

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That happened to me once, vet said I picked up a bug from outside. I felt so grotty I didn't even wash and my fur started getting greasy -yuk!