What Is Unique About Your Manx?

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♥- Ronon- ♥

Put me dowwwwn!
Purred: Wed Apr 8, '09 4:13pm PST 
I love to wrestle with my brofurs, too! I saw somefur out there is a ninja! That's me!!

Mostly, though, I talk and talk and talk...Meowm calls me "Whiny Boy" sometimes..and "Little Johnny" for Johnny Depp in "Crybaby" - she says..I don't know Johnny Depp...do you???

I have beauti ful green eyes...just ask anyone who's ever seen me!!


Crown Prince of- Hurst
Purred: Wed Jun 10, '09 11:43am PST 
I'm a medical companion trained for epilepsy....I have saved both my human mommy and daddy more than once!!

Miss Hopper

just hopping- around ,just a- kitten
Purred: Sun Jun 13, '10 2:15am PST 
Hi ,,My name is Hopper because I hop when I run. My tail is only a very small hump but I can still wiggle it . I live inside with my family with 3 other kitties. Caper ,who is like me a Manx,and looked after me and Ralph when we came here as little kitties. Ralph is big and orange with some white on him ,he has a long tail. Then there is the youngster Squeaker ,she was left in a shoe box outside when she was only a month old ,,and we all live with our human mommie and daddy too.
I am a multi colored cat, I will soon be 3 years old.

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