Get Your Birthday Photo!!! Post your birthdays/special days here!!

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High Paws to- YOU! =)
Purred: Sun Feb 3, '08 10:17am PST 
happy birthday, gotchaday, or whatever you choose to call that special day!!!

Post it here so we can celebrate together!!!

December 1, (adoption/new birfday)

Phoenix~ Her- Exalted- Highness

You may pet me.
Purred: Fri Feb 15, '08 7:50pm PST 
I was a shelter rescue, so mum was nice enough to let me share her birthday with her.

October 23


Cleopatra - Queen for sure
Purred: Mon Feb 18, '08 11:38am PST 
My meowday is Sept. 2, 2003 smile


High Paws to- YOU! =)
Purred: Sun Mar 16, '08 2:55pm PST 
hi all,
Here is a list of the birthdays of all our group members
Rather than go by month/date as most of us do not have set dates yet, I went by ZODIAC sign from your pages.

Look over the list and let me know if you are in the right spot, and/or have a date for that special day (birthday/adoption). I'll then add it to the event's section and the newsletter so we can all celebrate your day together smile Just post in this forum and/or pawmail me smile



--Francis/595149 will be ???, His motto is "I am just a kitty, I'm not a superhero!"

--Boodles/678290 will be 11 yrs. Her motto is "lovey, smoochy"

--Albert/651679 will be 4 yrs old and his motto is "Scientist & Adventurer"

--Dude/560946 will be 1 yr old!!!

--Grand Duchess Jasminka *Ducky*/659410
will be 16 yrs old this year!!!!!! Her motto is "don't call me, I'll call you"

--Monster/627417 will be 2 yrs old, his motto is "Monster Mash"

--Sarah/96846 will be 14 yrs old..Her motto is "Miss Mouth"

--FaFa/593135 will be 5 yrs

--Dusty/523027- her motto is "Little Miss Fly Lady"

--Van Gogh will be 3 yrs odl.

--Lily/131934 will be 4 yrs old. Her Motto is " I said don't touch me, didn't I?'

--Church/618330 will be 4 yrs old. His motto "Mister"

--Gracie/690454 will be 3 yrs old! Her motto is Gracie- "pet me and I'm yours." hehe

--Lilo/659983 will be 3 yrs old. Her motto is "Scardy Cat"

--Natalie/609762 will be 9 yrs old!! Her motto is "Brushin the Russian"

--2nd- Cleopatra- will be 5 yrs old. Her motto is "Cleopatra- Queen for sure"

--Kiara Matusiak/663267 will be 1 yr old!!!!
her motto is ""

--23rd - Phoenix/286170, will be 5 yrs old. her motto is 'you may pet me'

--Burbank/661031 will be 8 yrs,.


---Dec. 1st Luka 652905 will be 4 yrs old. His Motto is 'Holy Catnip Mama!'

--Mr. Stoke/630248 will be 7 yrs old. His forums motto is "I try so hard to be a good kitty!


I'm talking and- I can't shut up!
Purred: Sun Mar 16, '08 3:38pm PST 
My birthday is May 22nd. I will be 2 yrs old


Cleopatra - Queen for sure
Purred: Tue Mar 18, '08 11:40am PST 
Sept 2, 2003 - my fur mom had a real Labor Day weekend! MOL!!!


High Paws to- YOU! =)
Purred: Tue Mar 18, '08 12:37pm PST 
LMTO!!! Cleopatra!!
congratulations- what a reward for all her labors hehehehe



My motto is to- be an outdoor- cat.
Purred: Wed Mar 19, '08 12:25pm PST 
Mine was October 15, 1977.

Miles J.- Murmelstein

Simply Fabulous
Purred: Wed May 21, '08 4:41pm PST 
My birthday is March 27, 2002

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If it looks- edible,eat- it!!!!
Purred: Tue Jun 3, '08 3:41pm PST 
Hello beautiful blue friends!!
I am a Leo and i'll be 6 on July 23,2008!!party

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