Hi Guys! We are new!

♥- Oliver

I came, I saw, I- conquered!
Purred: Thu Jan 31, '08 7:15am PST 
Thanks Cookie fur the invite to this group,
We are having a grand time reading all the old threads. That's gonna take some time, tho. smile

Be sure and read our diarys. We are quite a trio!
Purrs, Oliver, Sammy and Hootie

Cookie (Olde- Dirty- Angelman)

I'm the O.G.,- mofo
Purred: Fri Feb 15, '08 9:13pm PST 
It's pawesome having you guys here. You're right about you all being an interesting trio. Sorry we're so behind on our messages. STupid mom (the typist) is in grad school and somehow manages to get all backed up until she has a big project due. Then she procrastinates with CAtster. Anyway, thank you guys for joining and please make yourselves at home. It's a great bunch of kitties in here, plus handful of cool doggies too. Purrs, cuties!kitty