Purrrrrrrrrs for Olde Furts (and their families)

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Calvin ~- Knead On

Knead On ~
Purred: Sat May 17, '14 9:29am PST 
Purrs to the family of Khatmandu who made his journey to the bridge on May 16.

rainbowlittle angelhug

Sissy (love- you angel- girl)

Adorably cute &- spoiled!
Purred: Wed May 28, '14 6:22am PST 
Purrs are needed for Dashiell today. He is having surgery to remove an eye that may be cancerous. Furts get your purr engines going that everything goes well during and after surgery.

Calvin ~- Knead On

Knead On ~
Purred: Fri Jun 6, '14 8:38am PST 
Purrs and love to Dave's family as he made his journey to the bridge last month (May 5th from what I can tell).

rainbowhuglittle angel


Prof Mango, Esq - smarter than you- think
Purred: Mon Jun 16, '14 12:28pm PST 
Purrs indeed! smile



Why won't you- leave me- ALONE??!!
Purred: Thu Aug 7, '14 9:01pm PST 
I could use some purrs. I've been having GI problems - lots of vomiting and not eating. Had x-rays a few weeks ago in the ER, and when my regular vet looked at them, he thought one of my lymph nodes looked enlarged. So I have to go back next week for another x-ray. Please purr that it's not cancer.

Taffy, angel- girl- ♥

Protected by- Bast
Purred: Fri Sep 12, '14 10:19pm PST 
Mortimer needs us to rev up our purr engines for both himself and his family. He has been suffering from nosebleeds, and his vet found that he has a tumor in his nasal cavity. It is inoperable, and his family, especially his boy, are very sad that soon they will have to say goodbye to him. Let's hope they all have some enjoyable days ahead together, and that Mortimer can stay comfortable. hug

PixieBelle- angel- ♥

pampered- princess
Purred: Fri Sep 12, '14 10:26pm PST 
Briana we just saw your post - it seems like the last post in threads is not showing up for us lately. We hope you are doing okay. There are a lot of things that can cause sick tummies and not eating in kitties, so we hope it is something not quite so bad as the big C. Lots of purrs to you!


I'm a believer! - The kitty condo- is mine
Purred: Mon Sep 15, '14 11:24am PST 
Brianna, purring for you and praying you are ok. I need to do a better job checking in here now that catster is behaving a little better.

As for Mortimer, my heart goes out to the family. I'm praying for peace for him and purring he remains comfortable hug

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