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The Jumper Girl
Purred: Thu Apr 10, '08 3:23am PST 
Hey eveyfur!My name is Ellie.I am a 1 or 2 yr old Great Dane.I might be mix but we're not sure.I am looking for a sweet and playful male to keep me company!Please Pawmail me if your interested!


Purred: Thu Apr 10, '08 3:25am PST 
Hey eveyfur my name is Isabella.I am part australian Shepard/part Boxer.I passed away a while ago and I am looking for a sweet angel pup to keep me company!If you are interested please pawmail me!


Purred: Thu Apr 10, '08 3:28am PST 
hey everyfur my name is Max.My mommy thinks Im a Siamese or a Siamese mix.I am about 1yr old.I am interested in finding a sweet little kitty to keep me company.If you are interested please pawmail me!

Levi(in loving memory)

Purred: Thu Apr 10, '08 3:36am PST 
Hi everyfur my name is Levi.Me and my brothers passed away when we were born but we are interested in finding some cute and sweet little angel kitties to keep s company.My brothers names are cody and Cole.Here are their links:


If you are intersted please pawmail which ever one you are interested in!


All behold the- fabulous Fred!:)
Purred: Fri Jun 26, '09 4:28pm PST 
Hi everyone!wave My names Fred, and i'm a cute kitty boy looking for a girlwink PM me if interested, I like to hang out with friends and rock 'n' roll!!!

♥- Muddy&hearts- ;

I love to Love!
Purred: Fri Jul 3, '09 6:46pm PST 
Hey my name is Muddy and I am a female black lab/ beagle mix. I am two years old and i am looking for a pup to play and cuddel with. I love pups who can race me, play with me and at the end of the day cuddel with me. Send me an pawmail if you are interested.

Ary *Earned- Angel Wings*

Jake, my boy- Furever
Purred: Mon Aug 10, '09 2:53pm PST 
Hi i am Ary. i hope i can find a match made in Heaven because...BOL... That is where i am! i love to learn tricks, and i will be very devoted to any interested guys. I am lovable, and i am always loyal with eyes for only one person. I want a guy who will not care that i have Angel Wings! I try my best to be sweet, kind, and gentle, But you will have to decide for yourself. I want to find true love like my younger sis Mocha! Please Pawmail me if you want to make my dreams come true!

Awaiting My True Love,

Ary *Earned Angel Wings* blue dog

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Sketch- *Panda's- Boy*!

I- ♥- Panda!
Purred: Mon Aug 10, '09 8:39pm PST 
Hi, I am Sketch. I'm a mini-dachshund and i love tennis ball, being with people, and curling up in laps during thunderstorms. I want to sniff out a girl who likes me for ME, and will not leave me once they find a cuter guy. I am sweet and sensitive, and I have been hurt before, but i am ready to fall right back into love! You can trust me! puppy

Please Paw-Mail Me If You Would Like Me,

Sketch blue dog

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Ary's handsome- prince
Purred: Wed Sep 2, '09 7:41pm PST 
hello jake im looking for a beautful and funny caring girlbig grin and im all that and im a muttsmile thank you pmail mebig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grin

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