Bowl Game Part 1 Game Pool Results

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Purred: Thu Jan 3, '08 1:32pm PST 
Well, Daddy's been watching so much football, that he hasn't had a chance to post the results of the part 1 game pool yet. He thinks some teams were ready to play football and some weren't and that made all of the difference. Meows to Princess Puffy Paws who won the part one pool, picking 12 correct even with all of the ups and downs of the bowl games. That's great picking Princess Puffy Paws. Here's the final score of the pool:

Princess Puffy Paws 12 correct (Bama gets the job done against the Buffs)
Bamboo 11 correct (FSU almost upsets Kentucky with all of those ineligible players)
Penelope 11 correct (Huskers will be playing a bowl game next year)
Kona 10 correct (UConn had a great season even though the Screamin Deacons got away from them)
Bro 10 correct (Got to play against Tulsa next week - go get em)
Buster 10 correct (Sooners one of those teams that just wasn't ready to play ball)
Brady 9 correct (Concatulations on Tebow winning the Heisman)
Dexter 7 correct (Terps gave Oregon St a good scare)

Thus our star for Bowl Game Pool 1 goes to Princess Puffy Paws.cheer


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Congratulations Princess Puffy Paws!!!
Those darn huskies that I live with made me pick UCONN!!!

And unknown to the national media - the Huskers did have a bowl game this year!!! We played Notre Dame in the Bowl Game that Never Was.

Thanks to a radio station, play station, a sports bar for the HD big screens, the play by play announcers and several hundred fans - I'm happy to let you all know that the Huskers came back in the 4th quarter to beat ND!!! I think it was 34 to 31!

Mom took the afternoon off to watch it. It was almost real!!!


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I need to tell mommy and daddy that they aren't good at this game!