Flea and Tick Repellent for Your Dog (naturally done with food)


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12 min, 5 min prep
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1 cup cooked hamburger meat
1 tablespoon brewer's yeast
1 fresh garlic clove, chopped
1 raw egg (if you do not feed raw, then you can add the egg to the meat when it's still hot to help cook the egg)

1. Cook hamburger meat in skillet until browned, set aside to cool.
2. Combine egg, garlic, and brewer's yeast.
3. Add to hamburger meat, stir until blended well.

ENJOY smile
.Note: They love it! Use once a month to control fleas and ticks.


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Garlic Is BAD for dogs


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yep...that's true...garlic is bad for dogs...it does work on he fleas...but it can cause damage to the liver of kidneys or something like that....my vet told me to not give it to my dogs...and a friend of my son's that is a vet in another state, said the same thing! It can damage thier blood cells...I'm not sure all bad it does....just remember something...just know it i bad for them!cry


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I agree. Garlic is BAD for dogs. Mommy has, and still does, read dog books and most, if not all, say garlic is one of the BAD foods for dogs.



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Look on my post "BAD Dog Foods" which lists BAD foods and why they are BAD to dogs. Also, raw egg is dangerous so PLEASE COOK IT. naughty


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garlic is bad for dogs when it's not cooked... you can even buy garlic and brewsters yeast pills for dogs as a supplement in every pet store

raw garlic is bad but cooked its ok


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Yep our homeopathic dogter says to always cook the garlic tooway to go