Tortie Twitchies?

Lilly *PAWS* *ILM*

Yes, you may- call me Princess
Purred: Thu Nov 15, '07 6:13am PST 
Ok. Here's the thing. Sometimes my back and the base of my tail get started with this twitchie thing... I lick and nibble at it then I run like something has hold of me. Mama says Tigger did the same thing but I never knew her. She died before I came home. None of my sisters have this problem, but I'm the only tortie... do any of you ever have this happen? It doesn't hurt me or anything... kinda funny feeling... ~meow~ Just curious...



Mommie's Little- Valentine
Purred: Sun Dec 16, '07 7:02pm PST 

Sometimes I do the same thing!

Torties rule!



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Purred: Sun Jan 6, '08 12:15pm PST 
i sometimes tend to do this plus i love to have my but scratched mommy grew nails just for me she scratches just at the base of my tail and my back and i go crazy for this. i also love to be brushed with a brush called zoom, it is rubber and it cleans me up..


The Queen
Purred: Wed Jan 6, '10 12:08pm PST 
Meow Meow I do that too!!