The sad truth...

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Chances are you've seen them around. In someone's arms, or in a bag, maybe even walking down the street. Heck! We've even seen them on t.v., dangling from some random starlet's hands as she reaches for her double mocha fat-free frapa-whatever.

Chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers, Maltese, Pomeranians, Papillons, etc. You name um' they got um' now. And they're all so cute! But sadly, all that glitters isn't gold. These cute & tiny pups usually turn out to be more (or if you want to be literal, less) than their owners bargin for. Some people don't care because to them, this tiny life is just another bag or pair of sunglasses to them. Most of the time though, people don't do research or just don't realize what goes on.

Where do I get my information from? Extensive research & personal experience. Yes, a few years ago(when I was younger & naive & I would do just about anything to be around animals) I worked at a pet store. Stupid, I know, but this story isn't going where you may think. The store I worked at refused to sell "teacup" dogs because of the warranties offered with the dogs. You can't put a warranty on a dog you KNOW has something wrong with it. Though the store didn't sell them, at least two people a day would come in a day trying to sell them to us & even more would come in & try to buy them. After telling them there is , "NO SUCH THING AS A TEACUP DOG", & why there was no such thing as a teacup the responses I would get would be anything from complete shock & disgust, to people cursing me out & telling me I had no idea what i was talking about.

Many times these puppies are the result of inbreeding with litter mates or parents. In doing this, you increase the risks of genetic diseases being passed to offspring. Breeding for increasingly smaller sizes, within families or not, puts both mom & pups in danger. These tiny dogs naturally have small litters, usually no more than four pups, but when you start messing with mom's size, her ability to get her babies out of her safely disappears & she usually loses a few or all of her babies. This is one reason why they're so expensive. Supply & demand, basically.

Another route shady "teacup" breeders take is to mate their normal sized dogs & cash in on the "teacup" trend by sending their pups off a few weeks early.
Who's gunna give it an extra thought, right? A tiny puppy is a tiny puppy & alot, if not most people can't tell the difference between a 5 week old puppy & a 10 week old puppy, especially when its a tiny breed. These breeders deliberatly lie to people & tell them its a "teacup" when its just a normal...WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT A NORMAL SIZED DOG?! A few months later you realize your guarenteed 3 pound pup is now 8 pounds!
If someone tells you a 6,7,8,9,10,12 week old dog "won't grow" or "won't grow much", they're lying.

The final, & most horrific way people create "teacup" dogs is to deny them food during their second largest growth spurt, which is ages 3-8 weeks. Yes, they STARVE infant dogs to stunt their growth. This is another reason they're so fragile, sickly, & unhealthy. They are taken away from mommy, & not fed puppy formula as often as they need it, or at all. In some cases they only give them liquid or gel vitamins like Nutri-Cal as a food substitute. They don't get calcium (needed for bone growth), they don't get colostrum(a compound found in mother's milk to help the development of an healthy immune system), & they don't get protein( needed for muscle & brain development).

These are the reasons why these dogs are so fragile. Because of the awful things done to these poor dogs, their average life span is usually a third of what it should be. A healthy Yorkie or Maltese can live to be about 16 if taken care of correctly, where as a teacup may live to about 5 to 6 years of age in average. cry


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Hi everybody! Yes it is indeed sad what man has done to his best friend. Even cats are included in the list of "designer pets". My mom adopted a grand-champion Oriental Shorthair that was inbred and only lived to see 7 years of age. The doc agreed it was the overbreeding that caused such a short life.

Anyhoo...what's that I smell...Boston Baked WAS THAT YOU!!!???

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how sad

i can't believe that

and my MOMMY was gonna get one of those instead of me

i am glad she chose me though big grinsmile


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I am glad you have posted this ,So true So sad,My human aunt worked at a pet store when she was younger ,and mommy and granma were foster parents for local shelter.I am glad my breed doesnt breed itsy bitsy ,Obviously ! because Im over 11 lbs bol.Glad to findyour group