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Hi fellow fabulous furries!
I tagged Smokey in the new tagging game ang got a lovely pawmail which I'll post now to let you all know how Smokey is doing;

Hi Tara said to say thanks for tagging me. I'm doing much better Tara came and visited me at mommy's and my house today she brought me a toy too she said it was all mine for being strong and getting well and that I only had to share it if I wanted too with my sisters I'm so happy haha my own toy one I don't have to share if I don't want to.
But Tara says she's going to keep my diary just for her to write things about me in. She says Whitie has done that tagging game. You are so nice and I thank everyone for all the prayers they sent out for me.

I'm still not completely well so if you could continue to pray I still have to take my antibiotics and a laxative cause that blockage isn't completely cleared up yet.

But I'm so happy to be home and off that iv and everything and I'm happy to be with my sisters and mommy again. Daddy doesn't come home till the weekend.

I'm rolling around too and playing just a tiny bit not much but a tiny bit and purring lots too. That's a good sign anyway..

So if you could maybe post this on your group? Tara says she has tons of e-mail to answer so she really doesn't have time it being 10:42pm and all.

Thank you and God bless you and your family and you mommy always.

We're still purring loud for you and your mom Smokey. We're here as long as you need us!
Healing Purrs, Fudge and Helen.x