New to the group. Feral Cat Day is today!


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Hello everyone! I am so happy to have found a group that is dedicated to taking care of ferals. I just recently got my very own page on Catster, as did three other members of the colony. There is a nice lady who has been caring for us for almost a year. She has a kitty named Luna, who also joined the group, (hope that's okay-she's not feral) who stays inside all the time and watches us. Luna's mommy took pictures of us and gave us our own pages. We feel so lucky that there are people out there who believe that we're special.
Today is Feral Cat Day, so let's show them how much we love them. Purrs and prayers to all the ferals in the world that they find love and caring from even just one person today, and every day after.


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Hello everycat!
Happy Feral Cat Day...
We live at a marina where there are many feral cats. Our Mommy takes care of all of them. Her philosophy is:: Better Cats than Rats!! MOL
About 6 years ago Mommy and Daddy moved here to the marina and noticed that there was a Mama cat and 2 babies...she also noticed that they didnt appear to have any food source. Well thats all it took.
Mama is still here although she has had several litters of kittens. Some have passed on from illness and one was run over by a this time we have Mama, Mini, Kola, Oreo, Domino, Moo, Sonny, Eddy and Cookie.
She feeds them all and most of them will let Mommy give them a little scratch while they are eating. They have heated igloos for when its cold.
Its a hard life for them but its a little better because of our Mommy.
She is going to make them a Catster page called Marina Cats very soon.
i, too, was one of these feral outside cats but on July 8, 2007 Mommy grabbed me and brought me inside, as well as 2 other of my babies Smudge and Toes. i love Mommy and thank her every day for giving me and my 6 babies a forever home!
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