I know this may be asking a alot....


I'm Daddy's girl- only!!
Purred: Sun Oct 14, '07 5:45pm PST 
But my brother and I need votes for the world's coolest dog and cat show. We don't know many people cuz mom is so busy lately. I will gladly vote for everyone else just leave your link on this thread and we can slap each other 5 paws. Don't forget to vote for my family! you can go to there pages and click on the cool cat cartoon on the bottom right. Thanks you so much!!!


Treat me like- the princess I- am
Purred: Mon Oct 15, '07 2:02pm PST 
I will surely vote for you!

This is the link to my voting page
If you can, check out my brother, Harley, which theres a link to at the bottom of my page


I'm Daddy's girl- only!!
Purred: Mon Oct 15, '07 3:17pm PST 
I got you and your whole family 5 paws!! I love harleys attack on the barbie doll! I love running water too! I like to knock down glass if the sink isn't running for me.