The Troops We Love & Support

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Can ya dig it?!
Purred: Tue Jan 22, '08 7:30am PST 
This is so exciting! My family is so happy to know that there are so many who support our troops out there!! Here's the info for our soldier. (he's my mommy's brother)

Sgt. Lemoine, Blake
not sure where exactly but he's in Iraq right now (his mailing address says Haditha Dam)

We love our Uncle Blake and all of the other men and women who are in our military!!!! Thank you for all you do for us!!!!!!!

Circuit, Koko, Austin, Sarge, & Star (and their momma Nikki)


Supah Spaz
Purred: Thu Jan 31, '08 8:53am PST 
Here's our Daddy's info:

SPC Robert Ragsdale
Arkansas Army National Guard
currently deployed with the 1/42nd FA to Tallil, Iraq

He should be home very soon now though!

~The Ragsdogs and Ragscats


The Charmer
Purred: Thu Feb 14, '08 10:43am PST 
My mama's nephew

US Army
Eric Wendt
HHB-3-320th FA
3rd BCT 101st ABN
65th MP Co.
APO AE 09322

We pray for all the troops and hopes this silly thing ends with no more casualties. What brave soldiers we have.applause


I am an Army of- One...mess!
Purred: Sun Mar 2, '08 6:01pm PST 
My Daddy is:

Maj. Allen G. Hahn,
US Army Aviation

ID# 547728
ID# 593268
ID# 622885
ID# 741037


Work hard; Play- harder.
Purred: Sat Apr 12, '08 6:53am PST 
My Daddy:

Tech Sgt. A.O. Peterson
Currently stationed at Yongsan Army Garrison, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Thank Dog he got us (Me, Mom, and my sister Bretta) Command Sponsored; so we are in "The Land of Morning Calm" too.

Mackenzie- (1997-2013)

Miss Priss
Purred: Tue May 27, '08 3:23pm PST 
just posting so the topic is close to the top and we don't forget about it! wave


AKA Midnight- Bandit
Purred: Tue Aug 5, '08 6:04am PST 
Hi all, my dad is a retired Army Military Policeman. Mom works for the Army as a civilian. While she was working in Giessen Germany, she had an honor of assisting Mr. & Mrs. Moore, whose son had just been killed in Iraq. Mom made a personal promise to them that she would never forget Stuart's sacrifice, so here it is...

PFC Stuart W. Moore of Livington, TX
2-3 FA, 1AD, Giessen, Germany
Died 22 December 2003 in Baghdad, due to an IED attack to his convoy

~He was only 21 years old~

Thank you Stuart, for your sacrifice - we will never forget you.



AKA Midnight- Bandit
Purred: Tue Aug 5, '08 9:16am PST 
Here is another one to honor. He is in the Air Force:

A1c Brian McElhenny
Lackland AFB, TX

Onyx (angel)- who loves HL

Onyx - Bug Slayer and- Foot Mauler
Purred: Fri Jul 3, '09 6:02pm PST 
I'd like to update my brofur's info:

Cpl Caleb Rauscher, USMC
Okinawa, Japan



Purred: Mon Sep 21, '09 7:29pm PST 
blossom just wants to send her love to all the military women and men thank you for protecting our country we are praying 4 u and your familys united states

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