Cheap meat?


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I've been on the raw diet for about 5 months now and i love it. Does anyone have any suggestions for cheaper meat outlets than the typical grocery at $0.99 / lb ?

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Geez! If I could get $0.99 per pound, we would be THRILLED! I have got to find another way. I have been trying to find a butcher (I live in the burbs south of Houston), but all we have are "meat markets." I can't communicate in those places, but it doesn't really matter...Their prices aren't any lower than the grocery store, and they don't have any cuts that aren't either seasoned to death, or highly processed.

It wasn't so bad when we just had Winnie, but now we have Millie too. Don't get me wrong, they are worth it, but mommy's hair guy misses her! smile

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Super Wal-Mart has the 10lb chicken leg quarters on sale this week for $4.00! Not sure if you have one of those around you. A co-op is good or other meat supplier. I live in a more remote area with limited options so I manly get fed with Mal-Mart meat. BJs wholesale has cheaper ground beef and liver. Yum!


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If you live near the country you could check for slaughterhouses that may let you take "scraps"


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I called around to different meat distributers until i found one that would sell to the public. Buying in bulk help a ton.


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Here is a list of about 40 tips on finding cheap meat. %20meat

Also, if you can buy in bulk this would save you tremendous money. I have two cats and I just bought an apartment size freezer to buy meat on sale and freeze it. For me feeding my cats raw has saved me about half or more of what I was paying with the vet recommended food. I could not be happier with my decision.

Here is also a website that gives people a start of meat suppliers and co-ops in their area. Also, I would join Yahoo groups and search for raw food suppliers in your area. May be useful


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You can join that group and ask for peoples old freezer burned meats... it's fine for the dog to eat, heck most is fine for humans too it just tastes like crap. Usually, really dry. My pups ate a score I got this way once, not one complaint!

WinCo Foods has cheap Poultry.
Search for Co-Ops in your area
Ask butchers for scraps
Farmers markets