To bathe or not to bathe...


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Purred: Mon Aug 27, '07 7:35am PST 
Do you bathe your cats to reduce your allergy symptoms? What are your thoughts and opinions on cat bathing? Do you ave any tips and ideas to make bathing easier?


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I've thought about bathing the cats to reduce my allergies, but with 4 of them it would be a nightmare.


Did I just hear- the treat jar- rattle?
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We have 4 cats as well. Its not so bad actually. smile


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My fur buckets get bathed about once every other month. The best way I've figured out how to bathe them is to get a handheld showerhead. Bring them in the shower with you (make sure to wear something you don't mind getting wet!), shut the door, and put the showerhead on the lowest setting with lukewarm water. Rinse, apply kitty shampoo, and rinse again!

They don't like it, but they do ok. They do enjoy the towel rubdown afterwards.


Did I just hear- the treat jar- rattle?
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I have found that baths work out much better if I don't run any water with them in the room. I fill the tub or sink first. I wet them using a sopping wet washcloth and then shampoo and lather on the counter or floor. then at rinse time I put them in the water and use a cup to rinse. It makes more of a mess but it saves the kitties from being too frightened.

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My mom had a groomer wash me. I was an outdoor/indoor cat and it helped mom with her allergies. She hasn't had Lisa, who is an indoor-only kitty washed (at least not yet).

Mom also takes shots to deal with her allergies and has done this since 1991.