The Importance of "Fixing" your Pet

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Spaying and neutering your pet, is very important. By doing this, you are making your life, your pet's life, and other animals' lives much easier. Spaying your pet can eliminate any diseases that harm (only) the reproductive systems. When neutering your male pet, you will eliminate the chance of your pet getting diseases also. These diseases are life threatening.

You will also be reducing the amount of animals being born and then tossed into shelters. Even if you do not plan on breeding your pet, you may get an accidental pregnancy. Then the baby pets may end up in a shelter, or you may sell them to other families. When one family gets a pup from an accidental litter, or a real litter, an animal in a pound or rescue group doesn't get a home.

Do you see what I am saying? With spayed and neutered pets, your male dog won't be as aggressive. Your female pet won't go into heat, and cause all of that trouble. Your male cat may stop spraying on everything. Life will be so much easier for everyone. Your animals won't want to escape from the yard that often. Unneutered dogs roam when looking for a mate. Your dog is still roaming, even after you spay or neuter it? My advice is to take it on more walks, since dogs need to "migrate" everyday with their pack. Sometimes they decide to just go on their own.

Thank you for reading this thread, and hopefully you understand better the importance of neutering or spaying your pet. You can find more information by searching on google under "Benefits of Spaying and Neutering".

So many animals end up in shelters because of owners carelessly not spaying or neutering their pet. Don't make this mistake, and you may be saving the lives of animals in shelters and rescue groups. Make a difference in this world. Help the animals. Spay and Neuter.

Thanks again for reading. big grin



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You asked for Kassidy to join your group, I would but she can't because I don't plan on getting her spayed, we are planning on breeding her with a dog named Jake I would, but I'm not going to quite yet.

I am sorry if I left you disappointed.


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I joined your group because I am Spayed!

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Maybe you will order me to leave the group, but I believe that you should spay your dog(s) unless you either plan to show them or plan to breed them as a reputable, responsible breeder.


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I believe that there are enough unwanted, abused, and homeless animals to not spay and neuter your petsapplause


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I originally belonged to a hoarder. She thought puppies and kitties were cute so she let the cats breed and breed until there were almost 100. She didn't have the money or time for us though so we lived inside, in all our own filth (well..IM not dirty, but THEY were). We had to share food bowls so the dogs fought for food. I have some scars because I tried to eat while another dog was already there. Finally animal control came in and took me and most of the others away. The cats were mostly too crazy and euthanized since there was no one that would want them. I was supposed to be too, because I was a pit bull, and we hardly ever get adopted even if we're trained, good dogs. It was scary for a while. I got lucky and a girl stepped in and fostered me for 7 months before my momma came and found me. Most dogs aren't so lucky. Most cats don't stand a chance. Look at the statistics for how many pets are euthanized every year before you decide puppies are cute and you want to breed them. You can save a life of a wonderful, housebroken dog that is past their teething stage, like I was! Momma says it was the best decision of her life.

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Aww Bowser I'm sorry about your scary past! I'm glad that your in a good home now! smile

Gray Dawntreader... Don't worry at all. I beleive in the same thing. It bugs me when some people insist that no breeder is responsible...and it especially irks me what PETA does. They brought shelter dogs in body bags to a dog show! shock Sickens me. But I do agree with you, no doubt. wink


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Hi! I'm new in this group.

I totally agree! In most countries, especially the United States, they are forced to euthanize many many animals because of animal overpopulation. Why is there overpopulation? Because people didn't spay or neuter their pets!! And now animals have to die because of it. cry

If you don't spay or neuter, your cat will roam and could possibly get injured in fights or car accidents. Your cat will be more prone to many diseases. It might live a shorter and less healthy life if you don’t spay or neuter it. If you do decide to spay or neuter, your cat will live a longer, healthier life, and be less likely to contract many diseases.

Sterilize your pet!


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Me and my "sibling," Nutmeg are fixed! My human always sees kittens in pet stores and likes them, but she knows that she would never buy one from there because it encourages breeding instead of adopting from a shelter/Humane Society. Also, breeding can cause problems, like inbreeding, and cats can end up with multiple toes etc. frown