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You true Catsterholics must have some amazing tricks up your paw on how to get the most out of this site! So tell this newbie kitty what I should know.
Any etiquette I should be aware of? Don't want to step on any paws.
I got the background, pics and music down, but how hard is the video?
What is with all these vote-for-me's? Where are these contests held? Is it on this site? On a forum?
What are some of the best forums/groups??
Know any cute, single, female persians?? JK.

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wave Hi Lancelot

For catsterholics this is a pretty quiet group! One of my favorites is ocean flight 815 which is a group for us kitties that watch and love lost. Although other shows/movies are discussed too. We can't really offer any etiquette advice, because everyone is always so nice we haven't had any problems with anyone. I don't know anything about adding video but Neferkitty and Icebox both seem to be pretty good at that kind of thing. Neverkitty even created this link!
The vote-for-me's usually are request from kitties that are in a contest not on catster.
I don't know any cute single persians, but you should check out the catster crushes forum.

Hope this helps, I know you are going to love it here on catster.


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Oh, and you should know about THis WEbsite

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Hi! My mom found this thread VERY useful while strolling thru. She is in the process of Blinging our pages meow! Thank you!way to gohail