how spoiled are you??


come here girl!
Purred: Thu Jun 28, '07 7:25pm PST 
Im so spoiled I'm allowed to eat at the dinner table. And I have my own closet full of clothes, beautiful collars, toys, and treats! So how spoiled are you? snoopy

Bo Doone

Purred: Thu Sep 4, '08 2:36pm PST 
Well, I am very spoiled! I get diet dog food for breakfast and lunch and tons of yummy treats. I have a terrycloth jacket for winter, 3 tees for summer, and a knit sweater for fall big grin Also I sometimes get Spa Day where I get a massage and a warm bath. I go everywhere with Mommy she even has a luxury bike basket and carrier for me! Its nice to be a dog happy dance

Ella Cinderella

Yoo muffs- abquits if da- shoe nods fids!
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im spoiled i love clothes i mean who dosntbig grin