What makes you a casterholic?

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Purred: Tue Jun 19, '07 2:56pm PST 
My mom has been a casterholic from the moment she found out about the site. She has gone so far as to create a spreadsheet to keep track of all our furriends and where they are from. (She has a lot of free time at work!!) She talks about our pages to all of her friends and one of them got us catster plus for Christmas. I am pretty sure it was one of her favorite gifts. How about the rest of you?? What makes your mom or dad a casterholic?


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My owner loves Catster and we chat to all our feline friends and are on HEAPSbig grin

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Yes, my mom is the same way! HUMANS! lol...shhsilenced

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Hi my name is Mama Liz & I'm a Casterholic & a Cataholic.shock

I'm so addicted to Catsters, my poota table is loaded with stuff tryin to keep tract of all my Kat's furreinds I don't which way to turn, but need help almost like a (12 steps program) only, my Kat probably takes 1000 steps!laugh out loud

I think I need to make a document & get really organize in my Word program. Starting with all my Kat's furriends & pawrents names, dates: how we met & such. What do you think? thinking

I leave Treats & Dem Bones for all I meet. I think I betta join as a Plus memba cuz, I'd like to give all those nice & fun gifties to effuryone.happy dance

For the past 3 weeks I've been going to bed sooo late cuz I've been sooo busy makin dem new furreinds everywhere I go. Now, I'm talking to my hooman freinds like a Kat does MOL laugh out loud only I have
more Kat furriends than hooman ones laugh out loud

I'm having one of the best time of my life right here at Catsters, How about you?

Purrs & headbonks to all,
Kally Kat ♥

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Purred: Sun Feb 8, '09 10:49am PST 
Hiya Kally! Oh yeah, we are all cata- holics as well, lol...
But don`t worry...takin it slow with the kitties` pages is worth it! there is soooo much to do to/with them! mol..
My mom racked her brain out in Pawsomw Pages at first, but is gettin the hang of it now. She is takin it slooooooowwly, MOL! (kitten steps), mol...

Angel- ♥Kally- Kat♥

Purred: Sun Feb 8, '09 10:59am PST 
Hiya Purrscilla wave

Your so right Purrsc. Slow & E-Z does it. I had a blast yesterday memba. happy dance
I 'm going to get organize just like I do with all my otha stuff here.

Kats, Kats, Kats, & more Kats. kittykittykittykitty:

Luv to you,
Kally Kat & Mama Liz ♥♥