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Purred: Fri Jun 8, '07 11:16am PST 
Have a question you want to answered? Having trouble communicating with your own paw rent and leaving them confused? Leaveing your pawrents wondering why your doing a certain anything?
Ask away!
You may pm the message or post it here asking how what why your pet is acting a certain way or doing a certain thing. My pawrent will attempt to communicate with your pet to get answers for you!
All we need is the picture of the pet you want to take with, the name and the question or situation you want to talk about with your pet.
Please state if you want it answered in pm or within in this thread smile


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Purred: Fri Jul 18, '08 9:11pm PST 
Howdy! This thread is kinda old, but I thought I'd post a reply and see if anyone in the group is still reading! wave