Removing Junk Code When Hotlinking

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Flicka ~ CGC

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Purred: Mon Feb 28, '11 4:25pm PST 
Ash... code doesnt take up space... there is very little limit to how much you can have in a Fun Box.

Just leave a couple of line spaces tween each new thing.

It is the height of the Mixpod that is added to the height box. It says yours is 165px high. It is that figure you add to your Fun box height. The code itself takes nothing.... the widget or picture etc is what you add height for.

Mixpod has pretty clean code.... I personally would leave it alone.

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Purred: Wed Jul 25, '12 9:17am PST 
hey there, i am not sure if this is the right spot to post or not. i would like to add a link to my page but do not know how or if i can, can anybody help


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Purred: Wed Jul 25, '12 4:08pm PST 
Captain, if you provide the URL of the site you wish to link to, and where (bio info, diary?) you want to display it, I will help you put the link on your page. If you don't want to post it here, send it to me in a private p-mail.

I'm sorry you had to suffer so horribly. crycrycry I hope whoever caused you so much misery is found and appropriately punished.

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