How'd you get your Egyptian name?


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Mummy is an ancient history major and LOVES Ancient Egypt so when she got me she named me Nefret - Nfr (as the hieroglyph goes) means "beautiful" and is found in Nefertiti or Nefertari or Nofret (all famous Egyptian queens or princesses) and the "et" ending is the feminine ending (kinda like how adding an "e" in French makes something feminine).

I even know how to write my name in hieroglphys! "Nfr" or "nefer" or "nofar" or any of those (since they didn't use vowels, we just have to guess...) looks like a guitar but Mummy said it's really a voice box. The "et" looks like a semicircle (it's a bread loaf I think).


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My mama is a grad student studying Egyptology, and she was inspired by my exotic, lion-like profile to give me a good, classic Egyptian name. She picked Sinuhe, because not only is the name handsome (like yours truly), but it is iconic of classical Egyptian culture and has a pretty nifty meaning ("Son of the Sycamore").


A beautiful- thing is never- perfect.
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That's a very handsome name for a very handsome kitty smile Strong and charming both - a dangerous combination for sure!


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Cleopatra truly lives up to her queenly name - she is very regal and thinks we should all bow down to her wink
Isis - she is definately beautiful and knows it wink
Ra - she looked like a lil ball of sunshine when she was a baby, so the Sun god name fit like a charm!
Brutus - yes more Roman, but he's very dignified and honorable smile

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Hello! My name is Cleopatra. Mom gave me my name because when I was a kitten I would sit up so straight and tall with my head held high! She said I looked just like a queen! shh Dont tell her this.... but I am queen! MOL!!!


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I'm sorry I don't have such an egyptian name but I am an egyptian mau smile so hopefully I can stay here, I got my name from my tail, it's broken and will stay short and gimpy looking but I'm loved to pieces despite it's shape or size smile Meow thanks.