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I'm not fat, I- have big bones
Purred: Tue May 1, '07 10:30pm PST 
We just sent our pictures too.


The Gizmeister- is in the house!
Purred: Wed May 2, '07 3:16am PST 
Hi, me and Miss Maxy just joined!
It's Wednesday morning here..... we just sent our piccies and we are soooo hoping that they arrive in time! Please let us know!

Love and purrs,
The Giz


Lazy, Lazy, Lazy
Purred: Thu May 3, '07 7:38pm PST 
Man!!! I didn't get to send my pics in time. Oh well.


Give me a cat- w/hair long- beautiful hair
Purred: Sat May 5, '07 4:58pm PST 
We're all so sorry we didn't hear about the photo albumn until it was too late. (Me, Sampy, Merl & Cammie Rose). We still love you Simba regardless of not making the photo albumn.big grin


Umbrella Girl
Purred: Sat May 5, '07 5:40pm PST 
I love you, too, Simba, even tho I missed the photo album.

Love and purrs, Honey red face

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