The Writer's Society 1st Contest!

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I wuv my oh so- beautiful wife- to be,Dina
Purred: Sun Mar 25, '07 8:14pm PST 
Hi I'm Scooter
I'm very lazy
I'm sure a hooter
I can get crazy
As long a you play with me I'll be nice and not bite!

♥ Sheeba ♥

Love is smiling- on the inside- and out
Purred: Tue Mar 27, '07 10:51pm PST 
Awww...I missed it!!!! Well anyways here would be my entry:

My name is Sheeba
I like to laugh and talk to friends
Spending my time with them
I'm very simple and not complex
Strictly positive nothing less
Always smiling and being nice
Is what I'm all about!

Well, wished I submitted on timesmile There will always be a next! big grin

.:Sakura:.- Has come- back!!!

Back, dawgs!
Purred: Tue May 8, '07 6:13am PST 
Weeeeeee omidog.

I'm so sorry dawgs. I know its waaaay out of date already.

The reason is that I'm going to move on the 31st of May, so then the internet is cut very short to only one hour(maximum 50 hours per month, its the package my dad bought). I didn't have time to view this coz I just got it yesterday...

SORRRRY. t.t.t.t.t.t.

Oliver PAWS

<3s tennis- balls, peanut- butter, & Fling
Purred: Sat Jun 2, '07 4:16pm PST 
It's past may 31


Let's play!
Purred: Sun Jun 24, '07 9:12am PST 
Here's mine. Ijust found out about.

goofy,playful,and sweet as dig treats.
pretty in purple, or pink.
just thought I would let you know that
Ilove writting just like my mommy,but
Ithink pig ears are much tastier.
big grinway to go

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