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Sissy (love- you angel- girl)

Adorably cute &- spoiled!
Purred: Fri Mar 2, '07 8:29pm PST 
We Olde Furts nap a lot, and it's hard to keep up with the news and all those messages. So here's the place to come for a weekly recap of Olde Furts happenings

I hope to make you all proud with my recaps and hope I summarize the past week's messages and news as only an Olde Furts can (you know in small bits so when we stop in the middle to nap we won't forget it all MOL)

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Sissy (love- you angel- girl)

Adorably cute &- spoiled!
Purred: Fri Mar 2, '07 8:38pm PST 
It has been a busy week, so lets start by welcoming our new members:
Gracie Mae
Jesse James
Scooter also started not one but two new forums: The Newcomer's Lounge (Chair) and Everything a New Olde Furt Needs to Know. Humm must be because us Old Furts have become so active these past few weeks

We had/have 4 Birthdays to celebrate:
Ashley had 16th birthday and Tyler had his 14th birthday, and tomorrow Ellie will celebrate her 16th birthday and newcomer Miles celebrates his 18th. So remember to stop by and leave them some treats!

Fellow Olde Furt Rufus celebrated his 8th anniversary of his adoption, lets hope he was spoiled with catnip toys.

Two of our members had to visit the vet this week, so send some purrs to Scooter & Cybil and hope that all their test results are good.
Also please send some purrs, many purrs to Shamus who's health is not well and the vet did not give his mommy some good news.

One of our members, Calvin has lost a buddy, his name was Mosby and he was very ill and his passing was very hard on his Mawmee and Grandmaw, so if you can stop by and send some nice messages.

An another Catster mystery has been solved, and this time one of our very own Olde Furts was behind it. Jesse James and his furry family were giving anonymous Random Act of Catness Rosettes under the name The Cat Crew. Who knew some of us Olde Furts had so much energy in between all of our naps.

Speaking of naps I'm going to go take one now... Oh Scootie now about my payment in treats...

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Angel- Captain,- Macaroni

Cowcats Rock
Purred: Sat Mar 3, '07 4:47am PST 
Great Column, Sissy.cheer

Cybil ~ A- Beautiful- Angel

Love and Kisses
Purred: Sat Mar 3, '07 5:19am PST 
way to go Wow Sissy!! You really nailed it! Great job condensing everything down to one page. How did you become so talented anyway?

applause . . . applause . . . applause . . . applause . . . applause . . . applause

Yesterday afternoon I was VERY exhausted after my vet visit, but this morning I feel great! Mom gave me another whole can of Fancy Feast (Fancy Fiesta is what the vet tech wrote on my sheet laugh out loud ) which I ate as fast as I could. It took a while, and I left a bite or two for Luna, but my tummy is so full and ready for a long morning nap.

Baby (Dec.- 1987-Dec.- 2007)

Wingin' It
Purred: Sat Mar 3, '07 6:11am PST 
Sissy will bring home a Purrlitzer Prize for sure!


Scooter ~- Our Angel

It's all about- 'The Scootster'
Purred: Sat Mar 3, '07 7:22am PST 
Your column is so good, Sissy, I wore my paws out giving you treats last night. But I still need to give you some more -- it's THAT good, Sissy. Great job.

way to go

Cookie (Olde- Dirty- Angelman)

I'm the O.G.,- mofo
Purred: Sat Mar 3, '07 10:14am PST 
That was really good, Sissy. Thank you. This is great for those of us who have issues with short-term memory. At least one Olde Furt is definately not suffering from dementia. You, rock, girl.hailapplausebig grinway to godancing

Baby (Dec.- 1987-Dec.- 2007)

Wingin' It
Purred: Sat Mar 3, '07 11:28am PST 
MOL Cookie. It's not me, though, it's Momsilenced

Calvin ~- Knead On

Knead On ~
Purred: Sun Mar 4, '07 8:10am PST 
Pawsome job, Sissy!




Sissy (love- you angel- girl)

Adorably cute &- spoiled!
Purred: Sun Mar 4, '07 6:49pm PST 
Thank you everyfur! You sure do know how to make a kitty's whiskers blush.

Altho true to my age, I do have to apologize to Baby as she started one of the forums for new members and I said Scootie started both. Sorry Baby! I topped up your treats to 1900 to make up for it.


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