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Purred: Sat Feb 10, '07 3:46pm PST 
Hi there!

As you know, we have a photo contest going on right now!! You can start voting on Sunday, 2/11 and continue voting through the end of the month. Last day to vote is Weds. 2/28/07.

You can continue to add your pictures to each stroll until the end of the competition on 2/28.

There are three strolls: Best Decorated; Cutest Cat; Cutest Family. You find the strolls by using the "Find a Catster" Search by Photo Tags.
1) Type in our tag (one of the three I've listed), select Exact Match-YES, and that should get you to the pictures in that particular stroll. It is essential that you type in the stroll names exactly as I show them - Best Decorated / Cutest Cat / or Cutest Family - you need to capitalize the first letter of each word and put a single space between the two words in the title - there are no puctuation marks in the names.
2) Decide who you want to vote for in each category.
3) Come back to our Valentines Day 2007 group site and click on the Vote Here... thread at the top of our group page.
4) Enter who you are voting for in each category by typing in the category name and the name of the cat you want to win that category.
5) You can vote as often as you want but you can only enter a single vote in each category in one thread post (so one thread post can have three votes, one vote in each of 3 categories). If possible, can each cat in a family sent their votes in a separate thread post - don't worry if you can't do that - I'll figure it out.

You can continue to enter pictures until the end of the contest on 2/28. So this means that each of us should check the strolls on a regular basis to see if some new fabulous pictures have been entered.

Questions? Let me know.

We have some great prizes - so if you're a winner I will be mailing you your prize - that means you will be asked for your mailing address. If you are not comfortable giving me your address, we can always reward you with Catster treats, rosettes etc. You can let me know that if you are a winner.

Purrrrs, Olliekitty

The Drifter,- Fly free- sweet bo

Leinani is- my- princess
Purred: Mon Feb 12, '07 1:57pm PST 
I tried typing in Cutest Family and got over 300 hundred pics. Is this right. None of the ones I looked at were Valentine pics.

Pooky =^..^=

A Purring,- Prayer Warrior- =^..^=
Purred: Mon Feb 12, '07 1:57pm PST 
Cutest Cat Pooky

Jazz "The- SPAZ" - =^,,^=

Daddy's Little- Girl
Purred: Mon Feb 12, '07 2:07pm PST 
Cutest Family Jazz and Pooky

Mouse - =^..^=

Miss Katitude- =^..^=
Purred: Mon Feb 12, '07 3:09pm PST 
Jazz & Pooky


Purred: Mon Feb 12, '07 5:19pm PST 
Hello to the Drifter! I think the problem is that you didn't select "YES" to Exact Match in your search. I just tried it and the Cutest Family has just one page - 6 pictures.

Let me know if this solves your problem in the search.

Purrrs, Oliver

♥- Chase- ♥- (Passe

I'm the- king !!-
Purred: Mon Feb 12, '07 6:48pm PST 
Cutest cat: Dewapplause

♥Asht- on♥

It's cool to be- a Mama's Boy.
Purred: Mon Feb 12, '07 6:49pm PST 
Cutest Family: Tybalt & Familyapplause

♥- Chase- ♥- (Passe

I'm the- king !!-
Purred: Mon Feb 12, '07 6:50pm PST 
Best Decorated: Oliverapplause

The Drifter,- Fly free- sweet bo

Leinani is- my- princess
Purred: Tue Feb 13, '07 5:40am PST 
Cutest Family. Tybalt & family. applause
Cutest Cat. Maximo. applause
Best decorated. Oliver.applause

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