♥Room#5 - The Party Happens here on February 14th!!!

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Ele' - Elphaba- Harriott

Pink, please
Purred: Wed Feb 14, '07 3:54pm PST 
We have to go check on mommy, but we'll try to pop back in later!! wave


Purred: Wed Feb 14, '07 3:57pm PST 
I was secret cupid to Stashe - he is sooooo cute but no kitty is as cute as Mr. Mountain Dew! Hey Oliver, I'd like one of those salmon filets please! Oly, I'm so glad you like the cream cake - it's a specialty of mine.

Mountain Dew, may I offer you a slice of my catnip cream cake?



Purred: Wed Feb 14, '07 3:59pm PST 
Salmon filets coming right up!! Hmmm, maybe just a little bit more of that punch while I'm cooking but not too much...don't want to burn these beautiful fish.

I was secret cupid to Cali - she is absolutely gorgeous.dancing

Mountain Dew

Catster- Purrsonnelman- Dew
Purred: Wed Feb 14, '07 5:20pm PST 
YUM! Catnip cream cake???? way to go Thanks Kila!

My secret cupid was EVERYKITTY! I gave everykitty on the list a heart with an arrow! But ahem...I gave a special somepur a few extra!

*winks at Kila*

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♥- Chase- ♥- (Passe

I'm the- king !!-
Purred: Wed Feb 14, '07 5:26pm PST 
*runs in at full speed, checking to see who is still here*
red face*Embarrased that just showing up*

Hi all kitties,....who's here??
Sorry I am just showing up, but we have had a busy Valentine's Day. Mommy had to work real hard and long today and then went off to dinner, then came back to echange gifts and is just now able to make it.wave


Calgon take me- away...
Purred: Wed Feb 14, '07 5:37pm PST 
**Sees Ambro walking towards her and begins to "fluff" up a bit. Too bad I have such short fur!**

Good evening Ambro, my you are looking dashing tonight. **Blushes when he kisses her paw** Thank you for the compliment sweetie.

Gosh I hope your mommy starts feeling better real soon! I will be purring for her.

♥- Chase- ♥- (Passe

I'm the- king !!-
Purred: Wed Feb 14, '07 6:22pm PST 
*gives free hotel rooms to Oly" he he just kidding

This was a great Valentines Day!! *Toasts to all kitties w/ a cavier champange. Yummy!


Calgon take me- away...
Purred: Wed Feb 14, '07 7:19pm PST 
Chase! MOL

Oliver you sure know how to BBQ a salmon! I'm stuffed to the gills.. he he sorry bad joke. laugh out loud

I hope everycat has a wonderful night, it's time for me to hit the sack!

Purrs & Bonks!

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