Where do you play?


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Since I moved to my new home, my peps have taken me to a couple of dog parks in the area. But I am always lookin for new places to meet pups. Where do you like to go?


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Me and the big bro would love to know too! Us big guys get left out of the game by nervous owners of littler breeds, but really we're fun loving gentlemen toosnoopy


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Some of the places I've heard about are:

Sheepfold in Medford, on Rt. 28. = it is a big field, no fence, where dogs go to hang out. Unforunately, there are some meanies who want to stop dogs from going there. I am trying to find out more about that...

Revere Beach = in the 'off' season it's a nice place for a pup to walk along the shore.

Bark Place at Breakheart Reservation = there is a small fenced in dog play area in the park. You take a nice long, meandering walk through the woods to get there (the path is paved for those that have trouble with trails). Bark Place is off the path. There is a little sign, but ya gotta be looking for it!

I will keep posting places as I hear of them!

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Here is a link to some place in the Mass area that welcome dogs