When is your favorite time to Knead ??

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Rocky Ann- Forever

Hello Kitty
Purred: Thu Dec 21, '06 3:01pm PST 
Do you find the knead to knead at certain times, when you are nervous, happy, relaxed, sad? Do you like to do it at the same time everyday??

My most favorite time to knead is late at night when my Mommy is reading a book. I'm so relaxed and I purrrrr really loud. My second is when Mommy takes a nap with me.


Purred: Thu Dec 21, '06 6:42pm PST 
If Mommy is sitting, I am kneading. I don't care what time it is. The minute she sits, I climb up in her lap and start kneading away.

Alfie♥Forever Loved

Little boy in a- catsuit
Purred: Wed Dec 27, '06 3:38pm PST 
First of all guess what??!! I just started to knead or as my mom calls it making biscuits - about a week ago. So far I have done it 3 times. First thing in the morning. I start kneading my mom's arm. I squish my body against hers and I purr very loudly. She says my eyes are closed and I look like I am in a "zone."
Mom is so happy. But she always thought kits who knead do so cause they were taken away from their birth mom's too young. But I was lucky enough to be with my mama until I was 5 months old. Actually she was just starting to get real sick of me. MOL


Tiki Cat should- be illegal, it's- so GOOD
Purred: Thu Dec 28, '06 1:05am PST 
Anytime I'm near fluffy blankets or near my bed(s) I knead. Dad calls it "making bread". Each time I do this (or Hondo), we purrrrrrrrrr.

I don't think Fido does it... And if he does, it's been only a few times...


Where is my- Mewliette?
Purred: Fri Dec 29, '06 10:41am PST 
When my Mom lets me into her bedroom. She keeps a big (bigger than me) fuzzy stuffed white bear on her dresser. I jump up on "Other Mom" and start marching on it. Mom hasta wash it alot cuz my kneading gets it dirty.
Of course, when Mom finally sits down, I jump on her and love to knead her shoulder where her long braid is.
Happy Mew Purr!

Rocky Ann- Forever

Hello Kitty
Purred: Mon Jan 1, '07 12:52pm PST 
Alfie you are so right, I get into the "zone" too while kneading. I always thought cats that left their mommy's too young too were more prone to kneading. I certainly was. My human Mommy had to feed me with a bottle when they first took me home. Maybe you are just very Kneady Alfie!!


Hello Kitty- Rocks!
Purred: Mon Jan 1, '07 5:40pm PST 
I do my "knee knees" as mom calls it whenever she is in bed. Early in the morning or at night before I settle down. Sometimes I have a kneading session after mom gets out of the shower and is putting her make up on. I knead on mom so she will give me lots of pets and kisses. I even left a pawprint on her leg one time. She said it was her knee knee mark.

Kneading is the way to go!!!!!

Alfie♥Forever Loved

Little boy in a- catsuit
Purred: Tue Jan 2, '07 1:39pm PST 
You know what Rocky Ann? I now knead every morning (mom says it is the nicest way to wake up) and sometimes even before I go to sleep right next to my mama. I just love her so much. She is MY mom! !!! YAY!!! I think that's why I knead her!

Calvin ~- Knead On

Knead On ~
Purred: Wed Jan 3, '07 6:41pm PST 
My absolute favorite time to knead is when Mawmee and Daddy go to bed. I like to cuddle up next to Mawmee and I'll knead on her arm while I lay next to her.

Anytime I can get on a lap, I'll knead then too.

Kneading rules!

Violet - Forever- Loved

Flower Power
Purred: Wed Jan 3, '07 6:42pm PST 
Everynight I massage Mawmee's shoulders when she gets in bed. I always do the right shoulder first, then I walk on her pillow and go to the left shoulder. She says it relaxes her so she can go to bed.

I am much cheaper than a massage at a spa!


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